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Why I am gay and I support Trump

Let me make this plain and simple I’m a gay man voting for Trump. Why?

I don’t want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

I am gay and for Trump, the liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance but they only extend it to people who think like they do and I know that liberals would say the same exact thing about us. I think what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance, so that we can talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with each other and then maybe we can get people to come around to voting for Donald J Trump.


Random Liberal: Lol, guess you don’t care about what’s in the republican platform. When will you be doing your gay conversion therapy. Come on now.?

Peter Boykin
Why I Support Donald Trump and the Republicans
They are Pro Guns,
Pro Military,
they are PRO JOBS,
Pro Infrastructure
Pro Balancing the Budget
Pro Constitution
etc etc….


When someone Asks you why you Support Trump, and they Say he is not For Gay Marriage.. Remind them of this….

Trump stated like many others its not the decision of the President to decide on laws like Gay Marriage, this is up to the courts and states to decide. He trusts their decision, as for himself that he believes in marriage between and man and a woman but he will not stand in the way of gay marriage because of his beliefs.


By The Way… Did you Know Obama and Hillary didn’t Like Gay Marriage either…?

Gay Marriage Hillary
“I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. I have had occasion in my life to defend marriage, to stand up for marriage,
to believe in the hard work and challenge of marriage.
So I take umbrage at anyone who might suggest that those of us who worry about amending the Constitution are less committed to the sanctity of marriage, or to the fundamental bedrock principle that it exists between a man and a woman, going back into the midst of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising
and socializing of children for the society into which they are to become adults.” Hillary Clinton 2004.

Gay Marriage FLIP FLOP of Hillary Clinton

Also Don’t forget about Obama

Obama against gay marriage


Obama on Gay Marriage

Obama against gay marriage

So if Hillary or Obama didn’t like gay Marriage either… and they came around (sorta), why not Trump?
The Republican Party will come around too…

Bottom Line: Hillary Clinton’s a liar and a criminal.

I’m gay and voting for Trump.

What I find stupid about the whole thing is that Gays Gripe about the “white” Bible Thumping Republicans that Hate Homosexuality because the bible told them.

(let me add the fact that this is basically in the ADD on books of the Bible added by a very Homophobic King James)

So they place these small part of the Republican party as a Generalization of the whole Republican Party…..

YET… they are quick to gripe about our “Generalization” of “Illegals” and “Muslims” on top of that…

Gays that are Ultra Liberals forget that A LOT of Democrats are Black people who attend Church that are VERY against Homosexuals…

SO what these Ultra Liberal Gays need to understand that if they look at it…

Both sides under their own judgement are really “against” them… but this is Generalizing a whole Political Party because of a fraction of its base is Homophobic.

I have seen more and more Republicans Understanding what is going on. You cannot deny basic Rights to Homosexuals.

So people like Trump are able to now proudly support gays and also be republican. – To Point NOT all Christians are Homophobic, and NOT all Baptists are Homophobic. Plus there are other Religions too.