GaysForTrump Protest Charlotte Gay Pride, Aug 26-27, 2017

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GaysForTrump Protest Charlotte Gay Pride, Aug 26-27, 2017

Event Organizer – GaysForTrump

President Peter Boykin @PeterBoykin (twitter) &


Viktoria Colvin – Publicist – @ViktoriaLColvin 310-770-9384

GaysForTrump to Protest Charlotte Gay Pride

“Stop the fight. Let’s Unite”

August 7, 2017: GaysForTrump (GFT), a grassroots pro-American organization, announces a protest Rally against the Gay Pride event in Charlotte, NC. The event is scheduled for Aug 26-27, 2017

Why is GaysForTrump Protesting a Gay Pride event – Aren’t we gay? Yes, we are gay, proud, and conservative and we’re protesting because GaysForTrump was rejected as a participant.

It’s time for LGBT people to abandon the left. They have clearly chosen Radical Islam and Resistance and the desire for special rights rather than Gay Rights or equal rights. You can’t have it all. Pick ONE!


In June, the same week as the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack where many in our gay community were killed at the Pulse night club in Orlando, the liberal LGBTQ proved to have learned NO LESSON by supporting Islam. It’s been said before, if we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat ourselves.


We have seen liberalism, like a disease, has been indoctrinated into the gay community so bad that they are blindly following the rhetoric and not seeing that Donald Trump has been a true protector of the gay community and all Americans for more than 20 years. He has tried MANY times (even possibly risking his own campaign) to ensure the gay community received this message loud and clear, however this was sabotaged by the biased media.


Anyone in the Gay Community can venture outside of the hypersensitive media input and read REAL news. Ones without the Anti-Conservative, Anti-Religion, Anti-GOP, “Everyone is Racist and Homophobic” liberal spin of many of the frequented gay publications; such as, the Advocate, QueerNotes, Joe My God, Towleroad, Queerty, LGBTQ Nation, Huff Post Queer Voice, BuzzFeed LGBT, & More.


Donald Trump has a PRO GAY “rap sheet” long before he ever considered running for President, becoming the FIRST President in History to be considered “Pro-Gay” from the beginning of taking office. Trump has “New York Social Values.” He didn’t need to “evolve.”


Donald Trump, OUR President, literally waved our Gay PRIDE flag on Stage to signal, I LOVE THE GAYS! But, the Liberal gays instead complained, he had it turned the “wrong” way, which was debunked due to the multiple varieties of the flag and no “correct” way to fly it, just a common way. This “upside down” rainbow flag has become a symbol (much like the snowflakes safety pin), of which #GaysForTrump has taken as their national symbol of independence from the mainstream gay community.


#GaysForTrump has been growing and organizing as a national organization and even partnering with others outside of the Gay community, with our mission:



Our question is: what will shake these brainwashed gays from their zombiegayism?


So Why NOT Support Donald Trump? He Supports us, is that NOT the goal of Gay Rights? When did Gay Rights have to become a one sided Political affiliation?

Now they ignore his past and complain he did not recognize pride month… GaysForTrump’s answer; why should he? The LGBTQ community continues to disrespect, reject, and defame him clearly showing that Gay Rights should be put on the back burner for this “#Resistance movement” and why should the president show support for the resistance? My answer, he shouldn’t.


What the Majority of the Gay Community needs to understand is that Orlando was supposed to be a VERY tragic wakeup call! But, sadly one year later, all that remains is a divide and an agenda for exclusiveness from the Gay Prides, and the Gay Community. While the liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance they only extend it to people who think like they do rejecting anything that is different or place it in another category, thus how we came to LGBTTQQIP(LMNOP…XYZ).

It’s Sad and Ironic that Liberal Gays will FIGHT to FORCE Their Inclusiveness on Us, YET when faced with someone in their own community such as gay Conservatives they are quick to reject them from their “Queer Spaces” and wish to ignore our existence, attack and bully us, and reject us from the gay community.


A group in June of this year using the name #GaysForTrump because they hadn’t come up with their own name in the movement, was denied a spot in the parade at Charlotte Pride. Therefore, GaysForTrump was rejected. Other places such as; Ohio used excuses to deny conservative gays with phrases like, “not enough space,” in Maine; they claimed “501c3 status prevented them,” in California; conservative gays were invited 2 days before the event to a #Resistance March for “Gays Rights,” yet it was a cold welcome giving only 48 hours to prepare and attend, and in Chicago; they kicked out Jewish Gays for flying a Gay Flag with the Jewish symbol on it. This Hypocrisy MUST STOP!


“Tolerant” Gays = Rejecting Conservative Gays and #GaysForTrump = False Inclusiveness = Hypocrisy = Liberalism = Disease = Eventual Destruction of All the Rights We ALL Fought so hard to get.


Everyone wants to know what #GaysForTrump is going to do about this treatment. We are not going to be shoved back into the closet. We are HERE, We Are GAY, and We Are CONSERVATIVE, GET USED TO IT!


We will make our presence known, we will apply to be included in Gay Prides, if we are allowed EXCELLENT! If we are rejected we WILL Protest! Charlotte Gay Pride is just the beginning.


Charlotte NC Pride wants to reject us, then it’s time for #GaysForTrump to take a call from the Liberal playbook and #RESIST, this is why #GaysForTrump & Allies are asking for an OPEN CALL TO PROTEST THEIR EXCLUSIVENESS! TOGETHER WE WILL PROTEST OUR WRONGFUL EXCLUSION


#GaysForTrump is TRULY Inclusive in EVERYTHING we do, so ALL Conservative, Independent, and Enlightened Democratic Gays & Allies are invited to protest with us and welcome to help. We believe what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote REAL peace, understanding, and tolerance, so we may talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with one another. Then and only then, will we be able to have more togetherness and the ability to look at the facts and support our President, Donald J Trump, who indeed does support us despite what CNN and other #fakenews sources report.


Contact @PeterBoykin (twitter) &


Just so you know who we are, our organization, GFT was founded by Peter Boykin in February 2016 when the official Facebook page was established. Other conservative groups and individuals surfaced at approximately the same time within the movement and in support of Donald Trump. The #GaysForTrump Website followed in August of the same year. GFT continues their mission with GFT booths at various events to promote the gay community with a conservative voice and our mission is to support and ensure True Freedom of Speech, not the illusion of it.