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The Opinion that #GaysForTrump Exists…. 

The Opinion that Gays for Trump Exists…. 

Every day the liberal LGBT gives me the same reaction, a disbelief that a gay conservative exists, yet alone a Gay man that voted for Trump. My answer has always been “yes we do exist” but one day I decided to put some facts behind that statement.


The Opinion that Gays for Trump Exists…. 

This is additional Opinion and data not found in the overall article.

So what we are seeing here is

FIRST, the newer articles are BIG LEAGUE #FakeNews

They just totally lied so much about Romney getting 48% to make Trump look worse in the article. So let’s just say I say if we are going to go by weird percentages in those articles that neither sound correct, why not average the two scores 14% and 48% = you get a Median of 31% of LGBTQ that would vote for a Republican Candidate. (seems fair according to the chart it was 31% in 2010)

But maybe it would be more accurate to take the Low 14% for Trump, 23% for Romney, and 27% for McCain (BTW notice how the percentages somehow go up with previous elections?) and add and average those numbers – We still Get 21.3% of #LGBTQ voted for a Republican Candidate, which I feel we are getting so much closer to the truth.

Again this is NOT true science... but a great start!

Statistics a lot of the time are just educated guesses from what studies that can be found.

I can admit that 21.3% matches more with the 20-25% figure that I know I have heard multiple MSM sources really quote. So 20-25% might be a more TRUE factual representation of all Gays that voted for Trump (or Republicans for that matter) across the USA.

Although I personally feel that it’s more like a 45%/55% split with Trump taking the 45% that is my opinion.

Again we are looking for a more factual educated guessing, we do what we can to come up with some sort of declared percentage.

Again I would like to say that 14% is just not a true number for Trump, as stated before… it was ONE POLL in probablly not the friendliest of places. In saying that I would think the 20%-25% figure we just declared would make more sense… So for the sake of having a percentage we go with the middle figure.

22.5% of ALL LGBTQ Votes for Republicans, thus voted for TRUMP (again this does NOT include those that did not identify as LGBTQ, lied on the Polls, or just didn’t answer the question but we can only base of figures on what we can basically prove.)

So now we have to determine

How Many LGBTQ are there in the USA.


These are the numbers based on 2012 numbers, and this does not include closet cases, or bisexuals... lots of unreported people here… and this data is really an extremely rough estimate at best.

These are the figures from this wiki page:

2012 State Total Population Estimate: 313,914,039

2012 Adult Population Estimate: 238,574,670

With a 2012 LGBT Adult Population Estimate: 9,083,55

Poll Data

So for 2012 with our declared 22.5% of the LGBT population that means Mitt Romey had the potential of

9 Million LGBT Voters

and if ALL of them voted and of that 22.5% voted

for Republican Mitt Romney that means

2.025 Million LGBTQ could have voted for Romney that year.

Now let’s look at 2016:

There is a newer article that states there are 10 Million identified LGBT in the US.

“Using Gallup data taken from interviews with over 1.6 million adults, demographer Gary J. Gates reported that 10 million Americans—4 percent of the population—now identify as LGBT.”

Again, we still don’t really have a complete number, as there may be more than that..

Because there are plenty of people that do not Identify as LGBTQ, or may have lied, and other factors. But let’s use 10 Million as our base line figure of potential LGBTQ voters in the 2016 election.

Now Let’s take that 10 Million Population and divide that by the 22.5% of Voters that we had determined had voted Republican during the election.

Now if EVERYONE of this 10 Million LGBTQ voted, that means that Donald Trump would have received 2.25 MILLION LGBT Votes

Meaning there are 2.25 MILLION Potential LGBT Votes For Trump!

Thus the answer to everyone’s question on how many #GaysforTrump are there? (at least self-identified as Gay)

There is Roughly 2.25 Million


#GaysForTrump in the USA….

And if you are a snowflake #GayZombie that does not want to admit to that figure… well your liberal sites admitted to the figures in the one poll that stated 14% of LGBTQ voted for Trump…

so that means… snowflakes guess what…

You will have to live with the fact that at least



Now For those that really want to get technical

“According to the United States Election Project, an average of 59.7 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots. (The turnout number is lower when you just look at voting-age Americans; but not all Americans over 18 can vote, for various reasons.) Compare that to President Barack Obama‘s re-election in 2012, when 58.6 percent of eligible voters cast ballots—or 2000’s presidential election, which saw just 54.2 percent turn out to the polls—and the 2016 results aren’t too shabby.” (

So 60% of the Population Voted in 2016 so that means from the 10 Million LGBT population, let’s say 6 Million of those voted by the same average established in the US population polls.

That means

6 Million / 22.5% = 1.35 Million Voted for a TRUMP

OR…. let’s go with the lower ONE POLL figure

6 Million / 14% = 840,000 Voted for TRUMP

So NEXT TIME... these #GayZombies want to tell me

that there is just 2 #GaysForTrump... I can proudly tell them...

Don’t forget the rest of us 1-2 Million







If you Have a Problem with that I suggest you read this



Oh and before you come up with the oh so clever

"#gaysfortrump is #jewsforhitler "

Watch this I have clearly broken it down for you

So Don't even tell us that #GaysForTrump is voting, or supporting someone against our best interests.

Because you need to look in a mirror.


As I have said it before and I will say it again...

Let me make this plain and simple...

I'm a gay man who VOTED for Trump. Why?
I love America and wish it to become strong and whole again and

I don't want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

I am gay and for Trump!

The liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance but they only extend it to people who think like they do.

#GaysForTrump just does not fit their Narrative

Its why they hate us, and refuse to believe we exist.

I think what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance, so that we can talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with each other and then maybe we can get people to come around to showing their support for our PRESIDENT - Donald J Trump.

Only Together Can We

Make America Great Again for Everyone


Thank You.

Peter Boykin
President of