4 Arrested and Charged with violating the stay-at-home order For Praying In Greensboro NC : Greensboro Has Shown They Favor MURDER over PRAYER

Written by on March 29, 2020

4 Arrested and Charged with violating the stay-at-home order For Praying In Greensboro NC


Ron Glenn, the public information officer for the Greensboro Police Department, said that any person who is outside of their home and is not covered by an exception in the order, such as essential work activity or essential travel, can be found in violation of the order. He added that violating the stay-at-home order is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Glenn said these are the first arrests made by Greensboro police for violating the stay-at-home order.

Protesters with Love Life — a religious organization that works to mobilize churches in Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte, and New York City — gather at A Woman’s Choice every weekend and often times on weekdays to oppose abortion.

“Hey guys, we’re in Greensboro right now. We were in Charlotte earlier this morning. And we got a report that in Greensboro, the police have pushed against people being out here to pray, even though we’re doing social distancing. So, we just came up here because they basically ran off the prayer walkers. They ran off the sidewalk counselors. And the abortion center remains open.”

Three minutes later, the video shows an encounter with two Greensboro police officers outside of A Woman’s Choice, the abortion clinic, on Randleman Road.


Love Life wants Governor Cooper to close abortion clinics and to classify them non-essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. An alert on the group’s website instructs members on how to protest, and conduct what they call a ‘prayer walk.’  The officer can be heard in the video trying to appeal to the protesters, but after repeated commands from the police one man is heard arguing.

“Right now I am giving you a command to leave this location,”

said the officer.

“You must obey the rule of God and not the rule of man,”

responded one of the protesters.

“If you do not leave this location now you will be charged. Are you going to comply with what I’m telling you to do?”

asked the officer.

The men didn’t comply and were promptly arrested by the officers.

One of the men who was arrested is Justin Reeder, the founder of Love Life USA, according to a press release issued by the NC Values Coalition, a Christian right organization based in Charlotte. The 34-year-old Reeder, who is a resident of Huntersville, has been charged with violating the stay-at-home order and resisting, delaying and obstructing a public officer.

Abortion centers remain open, while church services are being shut down. It’s time to wake up!

“We must obey the rule of God, and not of man,” an unidentified protester responds.

Also arrested and charged with violating the stay-at-home order were Jason Oesterreich, 42, of Locust; Carl Ubinas, 52, of Mooresville; and Isaiah Burner, 23, of Statesville. Oesterreich and Ubinas were also charged with resisting, delaying and obstructive a public officer.


Greensboro Update

Posted by Love Life on Saturday, March 28, 2020

The NC Values Coalition condemned the arrests.

“The North Carolina Values condemns the actions of Greensboro police for arresting Christians who peacefully and legally pray and exercise their religious rights on sidewalk,” said Jim Quick, the state director of grassroots and media. “Not even in communist China would police arrest three men for walking and praying on the street. Even during a fight against a virus, Americans have constitutional rights to pray and exercise religious freedoms.”

Love Life Official Statement


Today, the Church showed up to pray in defense of the defenseless and minister (offering hope and help in Jesus name) to at-risk mothers and fathers at the Greensboro abortion center, A Woman’s Choice. Individual prayer walkers were out that morning and were told to leave and threatened with arrest. Upon hearing this, Justin Reeder, the LOVE LIFE founder, and its lawyer, who were both ministering in Charlotte, went to Greensboro to provide additional prayer and ministry support. LOVE LIFE’s lawyer also went for the purpose of working with law enforcement to show that, as a religious non-profit (recognized by the federal government) providing social services etc., LOVE LIFE is an “Organization that provides charitable and social services” and therefore, pursuant to several provisions of the Guilford County proclamation, not to mention the Constitution, LOVE LIFE is expressly permitted to continue prayer and ministry. LOVE LIFE’s lawyer even called the lead law enforcement officer on the trip to Greensboro and the officer refused to even discuss the ordinance with LOVE LIFE’s lawyer. Upon walking up to the abortion clinic, Justin Reeder, LOVE LIFE’s lawyer, and another minister was immediately confronted by between six to eight police cars and cited and arrested. The law enforcement officers refused to have any type of discussion about the provisions of the Guilford County proclamation.

While we stand strong for the defense of the defenseless, we honor the men and women who serve us in law enforcement. We were respectful to the police and appreciate them as public servants and as people. Many are Believers and Pro-life but are put in difficult situations when their orders go against their personal beliefs.

To be clear, LOVE LIFE’s purpose for being in Greensboro was to pray for the defenseless and minister to those at-risk, which LOVE LIFE regularly does every week and has the lawful right to do, even with the current restrictions. Just minutes before this took place, our sidewalk team spent close to an hour counseling and ministering to a post-abortive father. Our actions today were not unlawful.

At least 20 children were brought to that abortion center to be murdered today. Sadly, abortions are now on the rise during the last two weeks, since the new restrictions. If children are continuing to be murdered in these abortion centers, the Church must be present. Because the Church was present at the abortion centers in NYC and Charlotte this morning, at least 6 children’s lives were saved. We have a biblical mandate to protect those being led to the slaughter, even if we have to lay our lives down to do so.

Abortion centers remain open for business as usual. There were over 20 women and children packed into that very small building in Greensboro which has to have a very small waiting room. It seems apparent that these women and children were permitted to be in close proximity with one another, against CDC guidelines, and puts them at risk for infection. If they are truly concerned about these women not getting COVID-19, why have they not shut down the abortion centers? Instead, people who are peacefully praying and practicing social distancing are getting arrested. It’s time to have eyes to see, Church.

While church doors are being closed, the doors of abortion centers around our country remain open to murder innocent children, the Church must be present! Now is not the time to preserve our lives, but to lay it down as Jesus did for us and commanded us to do for others.

Until the doors of abortion centers are closed, we are encouraging and challenging The Church and all Christians across this nation to start prayer walking individually at their local abortion centers where innocent lives are being taken. Let’s be diligent to practice social distancing while we prayer walk.

This is our time…”If my people (The Church), who are called by my name (Christians), will humble themselves and pray (Prayer Walking), and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways (killing babies), then I will hear from Heaven (the Lord God Almighty), and I will forgive their sin (abortion) and will heal their land (restoration and revival).” II Chronicles 7:14

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In my opinion, this is EXACTLY what’s wrong with Left-leaning cities like Greensboro NC. You have seen me (Peter Boykin) many times protest to the city council the way they run the city that I live in. Due to the nature of how the city operates, I have made it more of a point to work outside of the city and during this shutdown, I have been staying with my parents in Alamance County the neighboring city which is REPUBLICAN and who still respects LIFE. I may be wrong but I do not think there are any abortion clinics in the county. I do know that this county respects religion and worship, it now is clear that Greensboro NC does NOT. I cannot wait until things open back up and I get to speak at the city council and show my distaste in these arrests. The Constitution gives us the right to Freedom of Religion. Clearly these rights were violated. It’s Time to #ReOpenAmerica !

In Conclusion:


Greensboro Has Shown They Favor MURDER over PRAYER




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