BRITAIN will Be in the EU’s Budget until 2027: So When Do we BREXIT?

Written by on May 29, 2018

Britain to help set EU’s budget until 2027

European countries have defied the EU to invite the UK officials to take part in the negotiations as our £40billion divorce bill means that Britain will still be handing it cash after Brexit

This raises the alarm to all the Eurosceptic Tories as fear is raised that as long as there are big sums being paid into the EU it will just ensure that they stay involved in joint programs.

The Times has also stated that the European Commission is also furious at the plan, claiming the UK will use the discussions to make it easier to join even more EU schemes.

Leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg warned the Government not to allow the UK to become involved in such discussions, and said future payments should be for “stand-alone” projects like the Erasmus student exchange program, and not as part of the overall EU budget.

He told LBC: “I think we need to be very careful about being in the budget discussions.

“We have agreed to pay £39 billion to get out of the EU’s treaty structure. Taking part in these budget talks risks ensnaring us again.”

Britain currently contributes €14billion a year to the EU Budget and will continue to do so until the end of 2020 under the Brexit transition agreement.

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Another Article that might be interesting to look into is:

Billionaire George Soros vows to spend five years fighting for a second EU referendum in bid to overturn Brexit

The hedge fund tycoon also warned that the EU needs radical reform if it is to convince the UK not to leave

Honestly listening to INFOWARS this week, he warned of how Brexit seems to not be going away and just how much the Globalist New World order just wants to ignore the vote of the citizens and this delay is just a way to drag it out until they can find a way to overturn the decision of the public that wished and voted for their Independence.

With countries, like the UK snatching up Free Speech figures like Tommy Robinson with No Due Process, and Radical Muslim Pedophile Rings being protected by the Government Brexit is the only way there is any assurance that Great Britain will be Great Again!

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