#GoRight Interviews Senator Scott Jensen on How the Powers that Be want to take away his license to Practice over his questions about COVID 19 State Sen. Scott Jensen’s (R-Chaska) has had a controversial stance on Minnesota’s COVID-19 response. Jensen posted a Facebook video, which he called “one of the most important videos” he’s […]

When Gov. Cooper or Any Governor or Government ‘Orders’ mandatory compliance for COVID-19 vaccine. Will you comply? It’s coming!       First a recap of how we got there… For those ignorant of history, the Nazis also had orders to keep people in their homes, shut down their businesses, and “helped” care for those […]

Top 25 Official Coronavirus Guidelines     Here are the official Coronavirus guidelines:     1. Basically, you can’t leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can. 2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have to wear one, it can save you, it is useless, but maybe it is […]

CHINA LIED PEOPLE DIED W.H.O. COVERED IT UP W.H.O. doesn’t want the World Health Organization director Tedros to step down at this point? W.H.O. has failed multiple times to properly oversee China’s coronavirus response and actively downplayed China’s responsibility for the pandemic.   The United States is the single largest contributor to the WHO. The […]

  Social Distancing In Practice Looks Like Communism This is Starting To REALLY piss me off.     Social Distancing is wrecking normal life we are reduced to standing in breadlines to buy essential items. The hell with this #ChinaVirus 😷 😫     I’m sick of This DAMN so-called “New Normal” let’s #GoRight and […]

It will get worse before it gets better Try to stay strong “This too shall pass” Says Donald Trump Listen to “CoronaVirus Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better – Stay Stong” on Spreaker.   Like Our Content? Please Support Our Basically Ad-Free News Platform Like Our Content? Please Support!   The Opinions Expressed in […]

MADE IN CHINA – The China Virus is Racist? LEFTISTS SAY BLAMING CHINA FOR THE CORONAVIRUS AKA COVID-19 IS RACIST?! WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY REALLY ON? Listen to “The China Virus is Racist?” on Spreaker.       If you support my podcast #GoRight with Peter Boykin consider chipping in currently the website […]

Costco vs Sams Club Response during this #CoronaVirus CCP Virus Panda-mic       Coronavirus fears may have roiled the overall market, but they are helping spur a major surge in traffic at America’s wholesale giants. According to visit analytics company Foursquare, foot traffic at wholesalers like Costco, and Walmart-owned Sam’s Club have jumped considerably […]

The Communist China Party Virus: All Jokes Aside Its Time To Take This Seriously as the Cancel Everything Movement is Destroying Small Businesses.   Where and What small business owners can do and who can help during the coronavirus shutdowns With government officials across the country ordering restaurants and bars to close except for takeout […]

Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus The New Russia Russia Russia of 2020       US coronavirus response ramps up President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, a move designed to help private businesses ramp up production and distribution of medical supplies and equipment needed to combat the virus also known as COVID-19. “If we need to […]

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