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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Monday and announced that Facebook would ban the event pages as “misinformation.” STATE GOVERNORS SAY FACEBOOK CONTACTED THEM ABOUT ‘REOPEN AMERICA’ EVENTS Originally Reported By InfoWars Fake news outlets originally reported that states demanded Facebook ban protest event pages but it turns out it was […]

THE GOP MUST FIGHT OR BE DOOMED TO FAIL     Republicans and Conservatives Are Lazy Please Hear Me Out – I Love Trump     We Have to FIGHT for OUR Freedom NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER     #GoRight #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin   Like Our Content? Please Support Our Basically Ad-Free News […]

  As I have watched President Trump maneuver through these last several days, I noticed a few things I have seldom if ever seen in a US President.   What Makes A President A Leader? Trump is that Answer a natural Team Leader We have had some great Presidents but how many have you seen […]

I Refuse to Be Silent About What Is Going On Remaining Silent is How The Left Always Wins I Refuse Censorship What’s Going on In Guilford County is Bullshit We all know it, and We Must Stand Up Against it!  

For Gods Sake #ReOpenAmerica Now The only thing for certain this #ChineseVirus is doing is killing small businesses. This is a curse 😡 they put on us. The China Communist Party is laughing at us. They couldn’t beat Trump so they decided to torch the world and we are falling for it. For God’s Sake […]

#Coronavirus While President Trump delivers real solutions and a positive rallying cry for the American people during this pandemic, Democrats are singularly focused on petty partisan politics. Instead of providing Americans with relief, Democrats are pushing a socialist agenda that includes: $35 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts A climate change mitigation […]

Left Vs Right Our Representatives Continue to Fail Us Citizen Suffer This report is correct. “Pelosi & Schumer are willing to risk your life, your job, your retirement savings for a radical, left-wing wish list that has nothing to do with this virus, Disgraceful.” https://www.spreaker.com/user/9922149/left-vs-right-our-representitives-contin Listen to “Left Vs Right Our Representitives Continue to Fail […]

I AM SICK OF THIS: The GOP identity politics double standard towards Gays For Trump The GOP identity politics double standard towards Gays For Trump I hate this quote when I ask for support of “gays for trump” “I don’t see conservatives suddenly embracing identity politics.” Let me remind you. It doesn’t suddenly become “identity […]

Call of Action To Contact The Texas GOP and Demand Diversity Be Allowed! Include Gay Republicans! I’m asking you to kindly contact the Texas GOP and tell them it’s time to #GoRight and accept diversity in the GOP. Texas GOP Rejected LCR a long-standing Gay Conservative group because they want to lump them with the […]

So the LCR was turned down again by the Texas GOP…   People claim GOP things Gay Conservatives are the embodiment of Identity Politics.. yet where is this claim with other groups of identity? Hmmm? I believe it’s just a way of still playing in the homophobic pool… #GoRight with Peter Boykin    

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