Leftist Gays and Blacks Are Being Used By The Democrats As Pawns Trump is FOR the Gay Community and We at #GaysForTrump are Fighting against the Left as we continue to #GoRight   Listen to “Why are Leftist Gays So Easily Fooled and Triggered?” on Spreaker.       #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin Visit us […]

THE LEFT BLAME TRUMP We Got Idiots Popping Fish Pills!? Then They Die & The Ones That Live Blame Trump. Same idiots that ate tide pods! WHEN DO THEY EVER STOP? Let’s #ReOpenAmerica and Put these #Leftists Back to Work! https://www.spreaker.com/user/9922149/the-left-blame-trump-for-their-own-stupi   Listen to “The Left Blame Trump For Their Own Stupidity” on Spreaker.   […]

  Lying Cheating Fake News Leftist Democrats unveil impeachment articles, White House calls BULLSHIT #GoRight with Peter Boykin Episode 8  

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