A “Claim” from the #Left that LGBTQ people are “Attacked” & “Killed” in the USA for Existing in Public Spaces: CORRECT #GaysForTrump remembers PULSE too

Written by on June 27, 2018

A “Claim” from the #Left that LGBTQ people are “Attacked” & “Killed” in the USA for Existing in Public Spaces: CORRECT #GaysForTrump remembers PULSE too


Why Does Lately All our Fights have to come over Chicken??

There was this Post on Twitter by @SisterRoma all bridging from the fact that Sarah Sanders @PressSec was denied service at the #RedBarn

This Prompted a LONG List of Liberals vs Conservatives (this is going to be a LONG story)

Ok if you are still with me this is what happened next


That prompted @LauraLoomer to comment

Which set off another round of discussion on the matter…. (yes another LONG rant)

Which in turn prompted another #SJW #LGBTQ #Liberal to say their best (and then get owned) – (yes another long rant and @PeterBoykin chimed in)

I am sure this is NOT the end of the discussion. But Honestly while the Liberals complain that somehow Sarah being not served at the RedHen in Lexington VA is revenge about the whole Gay Cake issue, its just not the same… This is more about this…

At least one thing could be said…. and this is coming from a liberal

Which I think was NOT the point MLK was talking about though when he said this…..

The sad thing is that Meanwhile The Gays Complain about being served in Christian Spaces, the Gays themselves (the liberal ones) discriminate on the daily to hard working Americans.

They also have said that Right Leaning Gays For Trump should NOT be served in “Queer Spaces” which their tweet has been deleted

but the saddest thing is that the SJW have learned NOTHING from Pulse nightclub.

Let’s keep realizing that we Will #MAGA MAKE AMERICA GREAT ALWAYS and KEEP AMERICA GREAT by working TOGETHER for EVERYONE.

Different Minded Party Lines help us all from walking off a cliff together, but extremism on both sides is the sign that told us where the cliff was in the first place.

Now I Will Give you This…. Search

you will find some examples of “Gays being attacked”
including this

and this

also there is this page as well.. https://76crimes.com/100s-die-in-homophobic-anti-gay-attacks-statistics-updates/

What I want to point out from all this ultimately is that YES there is a problem with Gays being attacked, but we also have others just as well being attacked.

There is Never a good time where its good to be harming or harassing another human being. We really need to start learning to love one another.


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