Parents Of R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Turn Over ‘Evidence’ To The Feds

Written by on March 14, 2019

Lauryn Overhultz | Columnist

R. Kelly allegedly told live-in girlfriend Joycelyn Savage to lie to the police if they asked questions about their relationship, according to evidence from her parents.

The Savage family met with authorities last week and the family handed over digital evidence that they believe shows that Kelly allegedly brainwashed then used their daughter as a sex slave, according to a report published by TMZ Thursday.

Her parents claim that Kelly’s former assistant Cheryl Mack set up the meeting between Savage and Kelly that prompted her to immediately move in with Kelly without her parents’ knowledge. Savage was 19 years old at the time.

Her parents handed over emails, text messages and even audio recordings law enforcement told TMZ. The audio recordings allegedly reveal Kelly demanding Savage send him a text saying she was lying in case she ever turned on him. (RELATED: R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Claim Their Parents Are Using Them For Blackmail)

Savage’s parents have repeatedly claimed that their daughter has been held hostage in Kelly’s Trump Tower home.

Savage and Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend Azriel Clary sat down with Gayle King in an interview to deny the allegations that they were brainwashed and being held against their will.

“We both have our individual relationships with him, and we all are a family, all together,” Clary told King while Savage nodded in agreement.

Source: The Daily Caller

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