FREE Premium Grinder Access for a year if you prove you voted for Trump

Written by on October 9, 2020

Grinder giving away free Premium access for a year if you prove you voted for Trump

Sounds nice to many we suppose… but much like CNN “News” this is Fake News… (sorry clickbait) but while you are here why not learn something shocking that is VERY real….


You may think you have “SEEN IT ALL” in our Psychotic Democrat party, But….. Glad to disappoint you!!!
Here we have Tana Mongeau who has offered Men, “Woman???” Shots of her NUDE for “PROOF OF VOTES FOR BIDEN.”

Tana, claims, to have had 10s of THOUSANDS of men, woman, send her Proof they voted for Biden for a


You may be asking yourself, what happened to the Leftists


and women wanted to be Respected in the workplace…. No, that’s all a bunch of BS talk when you are talking about Democrat woman.

And, what KIND, of men or women, do you think are, so hard up, as to not being able to find their own NUDE WOMAN who would stay home and service their every X Rated Nude Photoshoot. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am picturing 10s of Thousands of Toothless, smelly, skid line Underwear wearing Basement Dwellers with some serious Sexual Deviance!!! When this woman says she has gotten 10s of THOUSANDS of people she has sold her pussy shots for Biden votes, I would argue to anyone that these mental Psychopaths ARE NOT THE MINORITY OF DEMOCRATS!!!

Being a Leftist Democrat is NOT a Political Choice, It is an Extremely DANGEROUS Mental Disease!!!

P.S… Isn’t selling your pussy for Votes in a Presidential Election ILLEGAL??? Oh yes, it is, but when have Democrats ever believed in Honor or Honesty in their Lives!!

Makes us wonder how the left would react if Gays For Trump created a Dick Pics for Trump Campaign? Show you voted for Trump and their hottest guys will send you pics of their junk… hummmmm?

Find more of the Gays that Go Right (fully clothed) at


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