Meghan McCain accused of hypocrisy by Ilhan Omar ? A woman who literally married her own brother to scam her way into the country!

Written by on February 21, 2020

Meghan McCain accused of hypocrisy by Ilhan Omar?

A woman who literally married her own brother to scam her way into the country!

Ilhan Omar a Bernie Sanders supporter (and horrible politician) on the view accused Meghan McCain of hypocrisy due to McCain and other conservatives’ use of “anti-Muslim” smears against her online. Meanwhile comparing these to the criticism that conservatives including McCain have given about Bernie Sanders’s misogynistic attacks on social media.

First of all, I have two questions, how are we still calling Meghan McCain a conservative? Plus… really Ilhan Omar? like she’s the moral high ground! She has literally been exposed by Laura Loomer’s Reporting that she married her gay brother in order to get a green card and scammed her way into her political office (though sounds like a typical Democrat… right?)

In this tweet


“The same people who chastise the progressive movement regularly traffic in anti-Muslim smears and hate speech against me and those I represent. It’s almost as if they don’t genuinely care about online harassment.”

This, of course, was in response to this tweet by McCain.

Of course from all of this somehow Ilhan thinks its “anti-Muslim” and “hate speech” to call out the FACT that Ilhan is REALLY into incest!


“Bernie – your army of Bernie bro’s are the worst in all of the internet and every woman on both sides knows it,” McCain wrote. “Misogynistic, abusive and inspired by you. There’s no army of Pete bots or Biden bots abusing women!”


Sadly even Fox News still thinks it’s an unsubstantiated claim that Omar had married her own brother. Though I would tend to agree with Laura Loomer on this one who has been so very much first on many scoops yet somehow everyone ignores until a “chosen” person by MSM liking “discovers” the same information and takes the credit.

Just to remind everyone here is the article by Laura Loomer with the information.

EXCLUSIVE REMINDER: Ilhan Omar’s Brother Is Gay, She Married Him Anyway

As expected Congresswoman Omar has continued to deny the claim which she calls “disgusting lies.”

So right now one might be saying to yourself… how can I both cheer on Meghan McCain despite her ill will towards Donald Trump?

Well, sometimes an enemy of my enemy is my friend at least for a tweet or two…

Note that this is not the first time that McCain and Omar have come to blows.

Remember Omar is the “Someone did something” poster child, and last year, McCain called out Omar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric after the deadly shooting at a synagogue in Southern California. Let’s all remember as much as the “religion of peace” Islam is they DO NOT like Jewish people… this is a biblical fact!

I for one look forward to this check on Omar that McCain has been doing and I encourage that it continue if there is at least one thing I can personally agree on with McCain is our mutual disliking of hopeful soon to be EX Congresswoman Omar.

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