Time to drain pipes the swamp of these LGBT elites!

Written by on February 24, 2018


After Milo’s fake scandal, Dr. Drew Pinsky pointed out the peculiar fact that that Milo’s scandal involved a pedophile VICTIM being accused of “endorsing pedophilia.” What an insightful man Dr. Drew is!

You would think that gay journalists could also come to Milo’s defense after these ridiculous accusations. On the contrary, several gay newspapers–such as Pink News, Out and The Stranger–went out of their way to ridicule and attack Milo. A gay journalist named Dave Holmes wrote a particularly mean article mocking Milo: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a53306/who-is-milo/.

What really bothers me is that Dave Holmes, who is gay, refuses to stick up for a younger gay man who is being unfairly attacked. If he had any moral courage he would say, “I disagree with Milo’s political positions, but it is not fair to attack a gay man for talking honestly about his experiences as a pedophile victim.”

But Dave Holmes is a moral coward who would rather score brownie points with the MSM elite than defend a fellow gay man who has been unfairly maligned.

Many of these same gay journalists likewise turned their backs when it was discovered that gay men were being tortured in concentration camps in Islamic Chechnya. Time to drain the swamp of these LGBT elites!

Source: Facebook user Tiff Yesavage 

Article Reprint: http://www.gaysfortrump.org/milo-yiannopoulos/lgbt-elites/

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