@PeterBoykin Candidate for NC House District 58 Gets Attacked By Liberal Gay (Media) about the T

Written by on March 14, 2018

Peter Boykin Candidate for NC House District 58 Gets Attacked By Liberal Gay (Media) about the T

Lots of Articles Lately have come out from the Liberal Gay Media or the Media in General, all spreading the same info from the ONE interview Peter Boykin gave… they all point to one issue, (the same issue they hit North Carolina’s Former Governor with) as you can see from twitter messages it appears that Peter Boykin is both tired of being labeled #Transphobic and he is willing to discuss the issue unlike Pat McCroy our former governor who ran from the issue (we all see what happened to him.)



I know it means a lot to you I respect it but the trans issue is not important to me and certainly barely has anything to do with my district plus this article just regurgitates misquotes from the one original interview

Peter Boykin is at least willing to compromise over the whole issue, yet as he has stated

“this has very little to do with what’s going on in my district, although the #Left wants to make it a big deal”

Below are some of the various media out there:


Read Closely the exchange from Peter Boykin to others on the issue, Peter Boykin wants to ensure that compromise can be given on the issue and just because his views don’t fit with the liberal gay agenda it does not mean he is Anti-Trans.


The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor – Ronald Reagan

To The LIBERAL GAY MEDIA: maybe they can hold on to the fact that 7 years ago, I fought my company to ensure that the trans woman they hired had a place to use the bathroom.

People want to say I am anti-trans when that is simply NOT the case,

What I state about TransTroops I understand is hard to hear, but its really nothing personal against Trans people.

when VETERANS and Troops cannot get life-saving medicine and treatment, yet Trans Troops can get elective surgeries there is something wrong with the system.

if you are going to expect the US government to foot the bill or have to deal with your emotional changes, and you try to serve during that time.. honestly, you are a liability.

I am NOT antiTrans I am just honest about what is best for our armed forces, the government would find you unfit to serve at this time, it is NOT transphobic but sadly the liberal left with paint it that way

At the end of the day there can be a lot of opinions on the role of Trans Troops in the military, at least Peter Boykin is willing to come up with options or compromises to try to at least meet in the middle and work with both sides of the issue.


Although there are a few people that disagree with Peter Boykin on the subject, it seems this issue will continue to be very controversial


Peter Boykin does want to let people know that he is very against the Trans agenda going after youth and that is one issue where he can draw the line on his Trans support.


Peter Boykin goes on to further defend our President Donald Trump and his decision about the Transgender Ban, and about the #FakeNews opinion that Trump is Anti-Trans or LGBT.


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