Barrasso: Republicans Against Trump Order Want Border Security

Written by on March 15, 2019

Every one of the 12 Republican Senators who voted for a resolution opposing President Donald Trump's emergency order for the border is committed and united to securing the border, despite their vote, Sen. John Barrasso, who voted against the resolution, said Friday.

"I stand with the president," the Wyoming Republican told Fox News' "America's Newsroom." "His veto will be sustained. There aren't enough votes to override the president."

Republicans who voted against the resolution want money to be there to secure the border, but wanted that to happen through the appropriations process, not through an executive order, said Barrasso, adding that he would have also preferred to do it that way.

"Ever since Donald Trump was elected president what we have seen are Democrats obstructing him every step along the way that they can do it, even to the expense of our own nation's security," said Barrasso. "To me, border security is national security."

Barrasso also commented about the upcoming procedural being called on the "Green New Deal," which to him shows Democrats are "careening over the liberal cliff," with their support of the environmental plan and other "hard-line" positions, including on healthcare and abortion.

"We have presidential candidates on the Democrat side who want to eliminate immigration customs enforcement," said Barrasso. "They want to eliminate some of the barriers that are already there. We need barriers at the border. The president has been strong on that. They want to take them down."

Barrasso also spoke out about the New Zealand mosque massacres, saying it is "disturbing" when such murders happen when people are worshipping.

"The world continues to be a dangerous place and we'll continue in the war against terrorism," said the senator.

Source: NewsMax Politics

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