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It is “NOT” bias when I would suggest this Presidents “State of the Union” likely the best in all of history! The reason I say this comes two fold.

There are some great Presidents of our history, from both sides of the isle!

Some might argue as far back as Roosevelt and his message of the time. Yet there are few people left of that era who could relate to the seriousness of Roosevelt’s message, the horrors of a war of that monumental degree and the uncertainty of how the war would end.

Fact is, Liberals of today’s era have earned their name as “SNOWFLAKES” They wear their emotion’s on the sleeve, not thinking of the consequences of how they believe things should be!

in fact the IGNORANCE of the Democrat party shined as bright as the “WHITE GARB” they wore during the “State of the Union”

I know there are quite a few of you who have passed the photos of doctored KKK outfits, I get it and I understand why Republicans have used that Reference. But, I am not sure if Conservatives understand the “ACTUAL” Irony in the picture!?!?!

Forget the KKK insinuates, If this were the Republican party who had decided to wear “White” to the state of the Union. What do you think we would hear, from the likes of, Reverend Al Sharpton, The BLM, or even CNN and all the Lame stream News??????!!!!!!

Do you think these groups would let ONE SECOND GO BY before they dropped “the Mother of all Bombs” on the Republican Party????? And to think, It was and IS the democrat party who were the party of Slavery and KKK.

How could the people who are so “BLACK AMERICAN COGNIZANT” be so IGNORANT!!!!!

WHY…. Because for Democrats it is all a show! A voting strategy! Unlike Republicans, Liberals have great difficulty in understanding their actions!!!!

So rather than frilling up the story with KKK Garb, simply confront your liberal friends, with the simple truth, that they are HYPOCRITES!

Now back to Topic…

Despite what lies and trash talk Liberals want to say about President Trump, The American People “CHOSE TRUMP” for a reason… A reason Liberals seem “STILL” hard to get their head around since they are so determine to hate him so much REALITY fogs their vision.

CNN along with The View, have already ADMITTED to this in the latest LIES they have broken with recent stories which has had to be retracted by the left. It will also be their “DEMISE” in the next election when, President Trump, will serve a second term!

There have been BRILLIANT state of the Unions of the past. I can truly say President John F Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan would stand out among the greats, yet what makes President Trumps message likely the greatest of all time?????


Any President can have “STAGE GREATNESS” Obama was one of them, yet everyone of his Promises were hollow, empty, for show, “only.” Empty promises or FAKE STATS to boast Glory hoping for re-election in the future!

If President Obama was such a Great President, there would be NO DOUBT it would be a Democrat President in the White House!!! Fact is, HE FAILED!

President Trumps “State of the Union” did not come with FAKE STATISTICS OR EMPTY PROMISES, his message came with FACTS OF OUR COUNTRY ACTUALLY BEING BETTER THAN IT WAS 8 YEARS AGO!!!

Words are hollow unless they come with HARD EVIDENCE OF TRUTH and President Trump supplied BOTH!

Americas Political History is filled with “Hollow Promises” from electives who were looking for votes. It is not hearsay when saying “Many Americans do not even take the time to vote because it won’t matter!!!” There is a reason “Politics” has gotten its “BAD RAP” The word is used from everything from Work and Theater. We all have come to understand Politics as Lies in order to fool those you want to control!

President Trump, has both, Delivered one of the most Brilliant “State of the Unions” of all times and has DELIVERED PROMISES! Likely never to be seen again by any future president. Without the likes of President Trump, Political figures have long forgotten the ideology that….

“Politics are about the People who elected you!”

Today its purpose is STATUS and POWER! Politics is the center of all that is EVIL!

I urge everyone to hang on! I believe MUCH will be exposed to the corruption of the Deep State and Democrat party, in the future! It will not be very settling to the American people ad likely exposure will be the greatest “BLACK EYE” to America as seen around the world, But, I feel it will be necessary in order for those “Cockroaches” who have long lived in darkness to deceive the people of America, and the “TRUE PUPPET MASTERS” of our Governing party, will be exposed.

The methods of these elite, pitting Americans against Americans to disguise their real motive will be over and, I am optimistic, Party lines will be more in line to bring in a new era of science and engineering for a better future rather than this constant battling between parties to what improves our country afraid it might look good on the party in control!

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