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[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190111_Fri_Alex.mp3"] The partial government shutdown is soon to be the longest ever as President Trump remains firm on his demands for funding the US-Mexico border wall. However, the White House has already begun laying the groundwork for declaring a national emergency to build the wall by eying a disaster spending bill that allocates billions for the Army Corp of Engineers to use on civil projects. Joining today’s show is political commentator Cassandra Fairbanks revealing new details from her visit with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Furthermore, reporter Millie Weaver breaks down where Americans stand on Trump’s presidency. Start your weekend informed.

[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190110_Thu_Alex.mp3"] President Trump leaves for Texas to rally support for the US-Mexico border wall that has been the key issue in the partial government shutdown that nears its third week. Trump has vowed to his base he won’t “cave” on the wall’s construction. Also, Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos is set for the world’s most expensive divorce that will knock him from the richest to the fourth richest person on the planet. Joining today’s show is Paul Joseph Watson breaking down the populist surge in Europe. Also, Simon Roche of @suidlanders discusses the crisis in South Africa. Furthermore, founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes shares his fight in defending the Constitution.

[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190109_Wed_Alex.mp3"] Globalist fact checkers had to ignore the data President Trump provided in his argument for the US-Mexico border wall by attacking the speech as “stoking fear.” Also, across the Atlantic, the BBC was slammed for promoting a “debate” on whether honor killings are good or bad. The backlash began after the UK network asked if a refugee who renounced Islam and faced death should be “respected.” Joining today’s show is Freedom First’s Joey Gibson with Sheriff Bob Songer rallying for Americans’ right to defend themselves. Furthermore, comedian Owen Benjamin discusses how the establishment left ruined comedy and due process. Call and tune in now!

[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190108_Tue_Alex.mp3"] President Trump is set to {announce|reveal} {a national|a nationwide} {emergency|emergency situation} over the crisis on the Southern border in {one of|among} his biggestmoves to date. Trump’s {declaration|statement} {could|might} {circumvent|prevent} Congress and the partial {government|federal government} shutdown to {force|require} {construction|building|building and construction} of the US-Mexico border wall. {Across|Throughout} the Atlantic, the chairman of Germany’s {right-wing|conservative} {party|celebration} is {{fighting|combating|battling} for|defending} his life after a gang of left-wing terrorists {attempted|tried} to {kill|eliminate} him by {almost|practically|nearly} beating him to death. {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is Newswars.com’s European {correspondent|reporter} Dan Lyman {delivering|providing} {exclusive|special|unique} intel on the migrant crisis and France’s populist riots. {{Furthermore|Additionally|Moreover|In addition}, writer/director Devon Stack {provides|offers|supplies} his dark {brand|brand name} of geopolitical insight.|Writer/director Devon Stack {provides|offers|supplies} his dark {brand|brand name} of geopolitical insight.} {Call and tune|Tune and call} in now!

[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190106_Sun_Alex.mp3"] President Trump and the Democrats still {have|have actually} not reached {a deal|an offer} over border wall {funding|financing} as the {government|federal government} shutdown {stretches|extends} into its {third|3rd} week. Trump {has|has actually} even {indicated|suggested|shown} that the shutdown {could|might} last for months {or even|and even|or perhaps} years {should|ought to|must|need to} the Democrats {refuse|decline} to {compromise|jeopardize} on {securing|protecting} the border. {{Meanwhile|On the other hand}, power-hungry {House|Home} Dems {have|have actually} {already|currently} {revealed|exposed} their {true|real} {intentions|objectives|intents}, {including|consisting of} abusing their political power to {exact|precise|specific} {revenge|vengeance} on Trump for winning 2016.|Power-hungry {House|Home} Dems {have|have actually} {already|currently} {revealed|exposed} their {true|real} {intentions|objectives|intents}, {including|consisting of} abusing their political power to {exact|precise|specific} {revenge|vengeance} on Trump for winning 2016.} On today’s {show|program}, we’ll {discuss|talk about|go over} how Trump {needs|requires} to {declare|state} a National {Emergency|Emergency situation} …

Trump: We need to protect the border, we need to stop drugs from coming across the border Jan. 03, 2019 – 8:04 – President Trump, border patrol experts address the press in the White House briefing room. Watch the latest video at foxnews.com I want a wall on our southern border and so does the […]

[audio src="http://rss.infowars.com/20190102_Wed_Alex.mp3"] President Trump reacted to Mitt Romney’s hit piece by informing him to be a team gamer with the other Republicans so they can focus on the border wall, national security, and tax cuts. Likewise, America’s shale production now challenges OPEC’s supremacy in Asia after the item saw explosive growth. Joining today’s broadcast is Roger Stonebreaking down what he calls the “treachery” of Dr. Jerome Corsi. Furthermore, Paul Joseph Watson provides the most popular handles world occasions. Do not miss out on a minute.

Since the GoFundMe page collecting money for President Donald Trump‘s border wall continues to collect millions of dollars, a few new pages have been set up in response to it. The page “Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall” has raised more than $120,000 as of Saturday afternoon, and despite the name, it’s not actually raising money to buy ladders. It is raising […]

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