The Democrats Have Falsely Accused Isaac Smith of being a White Supremacist

Written by on August 3, 2018


The Democrats Have Falsely Accused Isaac Smith of being a White Supremacist

Written by Isaac Smith(Originally Published by The Roanoke Times)

By Isaac Smith

Smith is a conservative activist from Charlottesville who has worked numerous campaigns including Chuck Smith, Kenny Jackson, and Minerva Diaz.

If I could go back in time and tell my younger self what my life was like today, I would be met with shock and disbelief. I’m rather infamous, smeared as a racist, reviled as a bigot, made an outcast and pariah. All this for the actions of another man and irresponsible smears by politicians.

A look at my background – my father is Jewish, descendant from Jewish immigrants who fled anti-Semitism in Lithuania — makes me an unlikely recruit for those torch-welding racists. My involvement with Jason Kessler centered on the efforts to remove Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy from office. Bellamy’s blatant misogyny, racism, and homophobia made him unfit to serve on Charlottesville city council. Kessler seemed — at the time — to be reasonable enough. However, his later actions would inflict unnecessary evil and suffering on Charlottesville.

I split with him in May 2017, immediately after learning of the first torch-lit rally with Richard Spencer. I did not participate in the first touch-lit rally and was horrified to hear it happened. This made me disconnect from Kessler’s organization completely and immediately. I actually wasn’t in the state when the rally happened. Shortly after, I joined Kenny Jackson’s campaign committee. Kenny Jackson is black, gay, working class, politically moderate, and no fan of President Trump. What matters is that he loves Charlottesville and was ready to serve his fellow citizens. In July of 2017, I condemned Kessler and the rally publicly (this can be found on my Facebook). Shortly before the August 12th event, I joined the Charlottesville Unity Coalition lead by Democrat Lawrence Gaughan, I started organizing roundtables, and I helped with a Frederick Douglass Day Celebration featuring Daryl Davis, a black man who has lead some 200 people out of the KKK. All this work was done with one goal in mind — de-escalating Charlottesville’s social tensions and bringing back normality.

Prior to August 12th 2017, I gave public interviews denouncing the rally and implored people not to go. I personally called dozens of individuals, warning them about Kessler and his intentions. Afterwards, I tried to put the city back together. Now irresponsible journalists and opportunistic politicians have continued to push a false narrative through “guilt by association.” Because of this I have been stalked, threatened, harassed, denied service, lost my job, and have been forced to leave the city I love.

With the anniversary of our local tragedy fast approaching, I would like to make a few things clear. I do not, nor have I ever, supported racial identity politics. I have always opposed bigotry and will continue to do so. The most I am guilty of is misjudging a man’s character. Let us move on. Character assassination and witch hunting are tearing our country apart. It is time to end “us vs. them” and move to “we for each other.” Which is why I am asking Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker, Democratic congressional candidate Leslie Cockburn, and all others this may concern; lead by example, stop spreading falsehoods about me, apologize, and show the grace and kindness that you would expect to be treated with and would expect from me.

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