THE WALL IS ONLY ONE ISSUE, DO NOT IGNORE WHAT ELSE HE HAS DONE – Half of Donald Trump’s Term is Over… Do you Feel He has Done Well So Far?

Written by on January 19, 2019

Half of Donald Trump’s Term is Over…Do you Feel He has Done Well So Far?

Come Sunday, President Trump will formally be midway via his White Residence term.

As he reaches that turning point in his presidency let’s examine Trump’s accomplishments:

Guarantees kept

Approving tax cuts: As a prospect, Trump promised to simplify the tax code as well as produce enormous cuts for Americans. He signed the $1.5 trillion tax obligation overhaul with one of the most comprehensive reword of the tax code in decades in December 2017. It cut the corporate tax price as well as doubled the standard reduction, amongst many various other changes.

Leaving from the Iran offer: Calling it “rotten as well as decaying,” Trump took out the UNITED STATE from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018. By November, the Trump administration stated it restored formerly raised permissions on Iran. Trump had assured to wreck the deal while on the campaign route.

Upping NATO country spending: Trump usually slammed NATO countries for not paying their “fair share” and had recommended he would just pertain to the protection of nations that met their monetary commitments. After some– at-times controversial– discussions between Trump as well as other leaders, NATO leaders promised their “unwavering commitment” to enhance defense spending in July 2018.

Developing a hotline for experts: By November 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs stated a 24-hour White House hotline was completely practical to assist professionals– meeting among Trump’s project pledges. Professionals are able to connect with a real person by means of the special line.

Taking no income: Trump guaranteed not to take the $400,000 presidential wage. He’s maintained that promise, donating portions of the money to various Cupboard departments.

Blocking White Residence officials’ international lobbying: Among the extremely first campaign promises Trump maintained was banning White House authorities permanently from lobbying in behalf of a foreign government. This, he attained using an exec order.

Exiting from the Paris environment accord: As a candidate, Trump promised to “terminate” the Paris Climate Agreement, a pact by almost 200 countries to voluntarily minimize their greenhouse gas discharges to combat climate change. Former President Barack Obama used his power as head of state to join the agreement without a vote in the legislature. Trump revealed in June 2017 that the UNITED STATE was taking out of the agreement.

Flopping ISIS: Trump famously swore to “flop the s– out of” ISIS as a prospect. In April 2017, the U.S. military dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS tunnel complicated in Afghanistan.

Moving a crucial embassy: In May 2018, Trump met a key project pledge by opening up the U.S. Consular office in Jerusalem and also recognizing the city as the “true funding” of Israel. The worldwide neighborhood mainly does not identify Jerusalem as Israel’s funding as it is declared by both Israel and the Palestinians. Previously, the UNITED STATE maintained its consular office in Tel Aviv, like other countries.

Partial development

Ending Obama’s healthcare regulation: Trump typically promised to “completely repeal” the Affordable Care Act, extensively known as ObamaCare. That hasn’t taken place– despite numerous legal attempts– but Trump has taken down sections of the landmark healthcare law throughout his presidency. His management curtailed the private and contraceptive mandates, led the way for “options” to medical insurance as well as finished particular cost-sharing aid payments.

Reducing North Korea’s nuclear collection: Trump said he would certainly talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un concerning his nuclear toolbox during the campaign– as well as both did meet in June 2018. There’s been little tangible development on the obscure denuclearize contract the 2 gotten to at that meeting in Singapore. Given that then, several private analysts have released reports detailing proceeding North Korean growth of nuclear and also rocket technology.

Reversing Obama’s Cuba plans: During the campaign, Trump assured to curtail the “giving ins” his precursor gave to Cuba. In 2017, Trump renewed some restrictions, however greatly left much of Obama’s actions in position.

President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments List:



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Homeland Security

Department of Defense

Veterans Administration

Trade Deals

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