What Makes A President A Leader? Trump is that Answer a natural Team Leader

Written by on April 6, 2020


As I have watched President Trump maneuver through these last several days, I noticed a few things I have seldom if ever seen in a US President.


What Makes A President A Leader? Trump is that Answer a natural Team Leader

We have had some great Presidents but how many have you seen that have actively engaged and allowed their Vice-President to have a word and actually do their job…and have it seen?

In all of the years, I can’t remember ever hearing from or seldom seeing the Vice-Presidents. I have also noticed that Trump puts in place and acknowledges publicly those who have skills in areas he does not.

He gives them a face to the American people… he isn’t portraying He’s doing it all by himself or seeking his own face time.

He is listening to, delegating, and empowering those who have a skill set. He is making decisive decisions and making it known that he has confidence in them to carry out what needs to be done.

He is stepping aside on the podium to let someone else speak, giving them credit.. by name. (That’s humility people)

He protects his team from the “heat” and takes the criticism. He praises and thanks them genuinely (publicly) for the tireless work they are doing.

He has a forward-thinking positive outlook, not a doomsday negative approach.

He and Vice-President Pence are a team… He trusts Pence. All of that lines up with what a true team leader looks like.

I’m thankful for Trump, he may be salty at times… but he is a leader with our best interest at heart. He can’t be bought, he doesn’t need money (he doesn’t even take the Presidential salary) and he doesn’t let “the media” determine what he does.

He chose to work for the American people and that is what he has and is doing. (he wasn’t looking for power or prestige— he’s a Billionaire- he already had that) I want a true team leader (with no political pockets) to lead our country… because that’s the only way anything gets done right.

Trump has exhibited those characteristics… sadly it is rare and what should be expected from all of those in leadership. It has been encouraging to watch him lead, and for him to give credit where it is due.


A Great Team Leader:

1. Exhibits Confidence
2. Inspires Others
3. Has Commitment and Passion
4. Is a Good Communicator
5. Has strong Decision Making Capabilities
6. Holds Accountable
7. Delegates and Empowers
8. Is Creative and Innovative
9. Has Empathy
10. Is Resilient
11. Has Emotional Intelligence
12. Exhibits Humility
13. Is Transparent
14. Has Vision and Purpose

If you are honest with yourself… what kind of boss would you rather have? I know my answer.

Written by: Cynthia Peacock 3/17/20




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