1,000 whiny pre-madonna drag queens will ‘PROTEST’ Trump when he visits London

Written by on May 1, 2018

It seems about a thousand snowflakes have signed onto a Facebook invitation for a drag-queen protest to piss off President Trump in London on July 13. Another nearly 7,000 people are interested in attending, but cannot find their wigs or enough tape to tuck their junk.

So it seems that Queen Elizabeth won’t the only queen greeting Donald Trump. But, I bet Queen Elizabeth will have some decency at least!

Low Energy Manchester drag performer Cheddar Gorgeous and four other tired queens have issued the call to all drag kings, queens, queers and liberal LGBT snowflakes (allies).

“Due to the appalling way the Trump administration has regarded the rights and welfare of the

LGBTQI (LMNOP1234KatlynJinner) communities in the U.S., the idea of a Trump visit to the U.K. is unacceptable,” the invitation says. What it really should say is…


“Let’s get visible, stand with our sisters, brothers, and others in America.”

Or… it should say “Let’s Bitch, Moan, and Fuss about something we don’t understand. Because somehow we just want to stay relevant.”

Gorgeous also spread the word through an April 30 guest column in the Guardian newspaper. She and her group — Violet Blonde, Liquorice Black, Anna Phylactic and Jonny Banks (such funny names, one should be called “Stupid Liberal”) — are making plans to sync their fake periods in a central location and join the main protest against Trump.

In an interview full of liberal #FakeNews talking points with the British site Gay Star NewsCheddar cited Trump’s attacks against transgender people in the U.S. military (sorry Transgender surgeries should NOT be a covered benefit) and his removal of protections for transgender students. (note protections that were not even a law, and worth looking into but again still not a law)

“I think, historically, that’s what drag has done — from the Stonewall riots to the AIDS crisis — there’s something very special in standing out and drawing attention.” (and probably selling rainbow stickers and glitter)

“There’s also a broad issue around visibility,” Cheddar says. “There’s a wider point to be made about an attack on diversity. Diversity is becoming a scapegoat by the Trump administration and the people who support it.”

Honestly… if you’re going to be a Drag Queen and Protest Trump at least do it properly…

like this Drag “Anti-Trump” Parody… worth at least posting…

We at Gays For Trump at least have a sense of humor… so even though this is more of an attack of Trump it’s still funny and we can honor that and respect that we live in America where its safe to spoof your President and Not be locked up. Although we disagree with your “Drag Queens For Trump Parody” we honor your first amendment rights to do so…. unlike the Liberal Gays have shown us… Gays for Trump have received no such respect but just death threats and misery…

Trump’s July visit is an opportunity to use drag as an extravagant way to show our differences, Cheddar said. (except that we don’t because we cannot embrace a President that has ALWAYS stood for Diversity)

Let’s Note that Trump is FULL of Diversity and that is how he was elected, Trump is supported by a FULL rainbow of American citizens. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Allies, Blacks, Whites, Red, Orange, Yellow Green, All Religions, and Non-Religious, and various other races and nationalities in this country all support our President Donald Trump. In fact, its the Liberal LGBT(whatever) that don’t truly embrace “diversity” examples

The Chicago Dyke March preaches inclusion. So why was I kicked out
Chicago woman kicked out of march over Jewish pride flag | WGN-TV
Charlotte Pride rejects Gays for Trump float for parade | Charlotte

The July visit was confirmed on April 25.

There was an earlier visit to the new U.S. embassy in London planned but it fell apart in the face of pointless protests.

This trip is described as a working visit. The BBC reports that Trump will likely meet Queen Elizabeth.

As for May 19’s royal wedding, neither Trump nor the Obamas have been invited or even British Prime Minister Theresa May, initially a Trump supporter. to witness the nuptials of Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle, the BBC reported on April 10.

Anyway, you look at it, we at GaysForTrump hope its as much as a Bust at the Mike Pence’s Dance Party…

LGBT Activists Have Queer Dance Party to Mike Pence’s House | Time

What a silly mess that was…..

PS: to you haters….

BTW Pence is NOT Anti-Gay….

Mike Pence on LGBT Rights: Discrimination Has ‘No … – ABC News
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