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Rudy Giuliani says the time has actually come for unique counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to be investigated President Trump’s individual lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, declared Wednesday night that he “never ever said there was no collusion” in between members of President Trump’s 2016 governmental project and Russian officials– however he did state that Trump himself never […]

Don’t Worry Civil Servants: Those On Shutdown NOT working Consider it a Long Paid Vacation, Those of you working with No Pay Now: SUCKS to be YOU President Trump has actually authorized the process to assure that furloughed government employees  or those required to function without pay throughout the partial federal government closure get back […]

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[audio src=""] The {New York|New york city} Times {just|simply} {admitted|confessed} that anti-Trumpers within the FBI targeted the president {specifically|particularly} to get back at him for {firing|shooting} {former|previous} FBI Director James Comey. This “{reveal|expose}” comes weeks after {delivered|provided} the news to our audience. {{Also|Likewise}, a left-wing {website|site} {called for|required} the {banning|prohibiting} of heterosexuality {because|since|due to the fact that} it {encourages|motivates} “homophobia” and “{racism|bigotry}.”|A left-wing {website|site} called for the {banning|prohibiting} of heterosexuality {because|since|due to the fact that} it {encourages|motivates} “homophobia” and “{racism|bigotry}.”} {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is border wall {advocate|supporter} Aisha Love {providing|offering|supplying} {hard|difficult|tough} {data|information} on the {safety|security} of America’s youth {regarding|concerning|relating to} {illegal|unlawful|prohibited} {immigration|migration}. {{Furthermore|Additionally|Moreover|In addition}, {financial|monetary} {analyst|expert} Peter Schiff breaks down how to {move forward|progress|move on} after Wall Street’s {volatile|unstable|unpredictable} stock action.|{Financial|Monetary} {analyst|expert} Peter Schiff breaks down how to move forward after Wall Street’s {volatile|unstable|unpredictable} stock action.}

[audio src=""] Democrats’ Island {Getaway|Trip|Vacation} – {Dozens|Lots} of Democrat {lawmakers|legislators} jetted off to Puerto Rico for {fun|enjoyable} under the sun as President Trump and Republicans {remain|stay} in Washington to {find|discover} {a solution|a service|an option} to the {government|federal government} shutdown, which is now the longest in U.S. history. {{Meanwhile|On the other hand}, the Deep State is melting down over the NYT piece {admitting|confessing} the FBI {launched|introduced|released} a soft coup {against|versus} Trump {despite|in spite of|regardless of} the {fact|truth|reality} there continues to be no {evidence|proof} of Russian collusion.|The Deep State is melting down over the NYT piece {admitting|confessing} the FBI {launched|introduced|released} a soft coup {against|versus} Trump {despite|in spite of|regardless of} the {fact|truth|reality} there continues to be no {evidence|proof} of Russian collusion.} On today’s {show|program}, we’ll {discuss|talk about|go over} how Trump can expose the {government|federal government} traitors and {secure|protect} the border in {short|brief} order by {declaring|stating} a National {Emergency|Emergency situation}.

Citizen vs City Hall Moment of Silence for Victims of Illegal Immigrants DENIED #BuildThatWall The Speech Peter Boykin gave at Greensboro City Council First of all, I want to acknowledge I was recently retweeted by the City of Greensboro because I stated that Greensboro is the place to live. I mean that, I also live […]

Stand Against Communism Hosted by When: Jan 12 2019 1pm-5pm Where: Romare Bearden Park 300 South Church St. Charlotte NC 28202 Event Link: As many of you know there has been a rise in violence from groups like antifa and the red guards in this country. These groups are starting to form in Charlotte NC […]

2019: The Diversity of @CPAC in The Age of #TRUMP & #MAGA CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is an annual conference/celebration event that is an essential part of the right leaning person’s celebration of their political leanings. One of the greatest facts is that CPAC is an event that keeps growing, with attendance topping the […]

[audio src=""] The partial government shutdown is soon to be the longest ever as President Trump remains firm on his demands for funding the US-Mexico border wall. However, the White House has already begun laying the groundwork for declaring a national emergency to build the wall by eying a disaster spending bill that allocates billions for the Army Corp of Engineers to use on civil projects. Joining today’s show is political commentator Cassandra Fairbanks revealing new details from her visit with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Furthermore, reporter Millie Weaver breaks down where Americans stand on Trump’s presidency. Start your weekend informed.

[audio src=""] President Trump leaves for Texas to rally support for the US-Mexico border wall that has been the key issue in the partial government shutdown that nears its third week. Trump has vowed to his base he won’t “cave” on the wall’s construction. Also, Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos is set for the world’s most expensive divorce that will knock him from the richest to the fourth richest person on the planet. Joining today’s show is Paul Joseph Watson breaking down the populist surge in Europe. Also, Simon Roche of @suidlanders discusses the crisis in South Africa. Furthermore, founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes shares his fight in defending the Constitution.

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