Just What Is Hiding On Hunters Laptop ENOUGH TO HANG A MAN

Written by on October 25, 2020

Just What Is Hiding On Hunters Laptop?



Former Giuliani associate raises questions about Hunter Biden’s ‘hard drive from hell’
Salacious documents supposedly belonging to Hunter Biden were circulating in Ukraine in May 2019, Lev Parnas says.

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was offered salacious photos and other documents belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter in the spring of 2019, earlier than previously known, according to one of Giuliani’s closest former associates.

And the alleged offer came from an intriguing source: a Ukrainian oligarch looking for help with a potential legal jam.

The claim made by Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian-born businessman who was indicted last year on campaign finance charges, raises new questions about the provenance of the materials Giuliani has said he obtained recently from a computer repair shop in Delaware — and that he is now touting to accuse the Democratic nominee of corruption.

Parnas’ narrative suggests Giuliani might have first learned about at least some of the content on the so-called “the hard drive from hell” through other means — from a Ukrainian contact searching for help in fending off any legal issues with the Justice Department. And as Giuliani embarked on a mission to get his hands on the materials, other actors in Ukraine were trying to profit from them, according to a person who was approached by someone trying to sell the explicit photos and emails for millions of dollars.

The computer repair shop owner, a Trump supporter named John Paul Mac Isaac, has told the following story: An unknown man dropped off three damaged laptops at his store in April 2019, then did not return to claim them. Isaac surmised the laptops belonged to Hunter Biden, but he could not reach him to return the devices. So he made copies of the hard drives and shared them with an attorney for Giuliani, according to accounts he gave the New York Post and other news outlets. He also at some point engaged with the FBI, though he has given conflicting accounts of whether he first contacted the bureau or vice versa.

Now we have Chinese Releasing Pictures and Videos as well…

If You don’t want to see one of Hunter Biden’s sex videos, don’t watch.
Sufficient to know, the Chinese went after the Bidens because they rightfully assessed them to be a weakness they could exploit to infiltrate and weaken the U.S. Government.
Basically, Joe Biden is owned by the Chinese and at risk of losing his wealth, the CCP provided if he doesn’t do their bidding.



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