Racism Does NOT Exist

Written by on March 2, 2022

Racism Does NOT Exist

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

I don’t really care for much of the people that attend or put on AFPAC (and I believe Nick Fuentes is a closet case) but Jessie Lee Peterson (aka Uncle Ruckus) is Right.


How can there be racism when so many Black people (NOT ALL) are extreme bullies towards white people? When blacks yell out that white people are racist, yet themselves are just as racist towards white people as they claim white people are to blacks, is it really racism, or is it just shared hatred or worse yet disrespect for one another just because of skin color or conditioning by the left to keep us always from peace with each other?!

Racism and hate for one another have been something that has also been going on for a VERY long time, but it is NOT exclusive to White against Black. Of Course, our history involves awful times white people treated blacks horribly and this has tainted our history of this great nation. BUT, this does NOT give the excuse today for Blacks or any other color to bully or be “racist” towards whites.
In our past history of this nation, we had slaves, before our country existed there were slaves, Jews were slaves to Romans, true history would indicate that slavery is NOT exclusive to Black people. Also, History would indicate that Blacks enslaved each other, which is how most of the Europeans obtained their slaves from tribes in Africa. Even today there is slavery, child trafficking, and sex trafficking still goes on today in modern-day slavery. Slavery is just an awful practice done by humans to one another, and it needs to end.

We now live in a time where Whites and Blacks and other people of color have been given the same opportunities and privileges. We have worked so hard to have equality in our nation, why can we not finally reach this goal?

The LEFT would use Identity politics to continue to divide our nation, putting Blacks against whites, teaching Critical Race Theory to our youth, and just causing more hatred from young black students against white students, which just ends up causing white students who finally get tired of being bullied to sadly end up so-called “Racist,” and join other whites in their shared experience which just ends just causing the future separation of people by color.

How does this end up this way? For example when you are white and you are called “Privileged” for being white, yet you see more opportunities open up for those of color, and you deal with a constant bombardment of anti-white rhetoric from media, white liberals, the left, and people of color, when does that line cross?

When will people understand this is just a practice of conditioning used by the left to actually create more “racism” (basically the left LOVES to create a problem so they can be the “hero” to solve the problem they created in the first place.)

We have heard the term “reverse racism” but what does that mean?! If there is racism it is not exclusive to White on Black, Black on White, Black on Asian, White on Asian, etc, etc is ALL Racism.
There is NO such thing as natural racism, only conditioning.

There is however the double standard, Black History, for example, is an EXCELLENT subject to take pride in, accomplishments of people of color despite the past are something to be celebrated. To remember that we live in a society where we can rise above our past is great. In these same lines is why Gay History is also celebrated, that in America we can rise above our past. Yet as we rise above those pasts, why can we not also as white people rise above our past aggressions, why does White History have to always be about slavery or negative aspects?

Our society has this double standard everyday day, for example, historically black colleges (I went to NCCU in Durham for a few semesters), then there are signs that say “Proud Black-Owned Businesses”, and when you hear people that talk about “Black Exceptionalism”, yet whites are NOT allowed to do ANY of these examples, nor to be Proud of who they are or their past, (NOT ALL OF IT IS ABOUT SLAVERY), for if white people did this they are labeled a racist, and a white supremacist.

To make matters worse while certain offensive words can cause one’s livelihood and career to END by the use of words (look up Papa Johns) yet those same words are used in music, and media openly by the race that claims they are so offensive? Why have these words been eliminated completely?

People of color and the left are ALWAYS quick to tell whites to be humble, and if we do take pride in our own heritage we are labeled a “White Supremacist” yet people of color have free range to be proud of who they are and their heritage. Is that not racism still?

I am here to tell you NO RACE IS SUPERIOR.

End of the day, we have been conditioned to HATE each other, what do you think CRT is about? Racism is a learned trait used by the left to control the narrative, to always keep a base of people upset at another base of people. This will ALWAYS be the case until we recognize this and enough people step up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We need more people of color to stand up like Jessie and say this. Recognizing “Racism” is a tool of the left to destroy America and relations between people, and to keep people under control, (in essence another form of slavery.)

We also need more white people to be allowed to be proud of their race, and white history as much as blacks and people of color should be proud of their history and race. We also have to recognize our past aggressions and bad moments and do better, we learn from history and grow better, we do not get better if we instead dwell on it.

Though most important of all is we MUST recognize we ALL share a SHARED history which is the HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE.

In closing, there are many people who (especially on the left) that would read what I just said and label me some white supremacist racist, and tell me to shut up. I am NOT a racist, I am NOT Superior to any other race, I am NOT proud of our past, but I am a PROUD Human Being who believes that we ALL need to learn to understand one another and stop letting the left control us if we are going to Save America and the World.


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