Are We Alone on The Internet Is it really dead

Written by on April 13, 2022

Are We Alone on The Internet? Is it really dead?

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

The internet feels empty…

Over 330 million people in the US alone
Over 746 million in Europe
Almost 8 billion worldwide

And yet the vast majority of threads on 4chan, not just /pol/, can’t get more than 100 posters?
Before 4chan and /pol/ can say they are all super special boys better than the sheeple and that this is your super-secret hideout, it’s not just 4chan either.

This is everywhere you go on the internet, not just there.

Doesn’t that seem odd?

I’ve noticed many popular non-political sites, have a very low number of active users, and it’s not like most people don’t use the internet, everyone does nowadays it seems. Supposedly YouTube videos get millions of views, and yet the comments and like never even get close to the views, this goes the same for videos and posts all over the internet, even on Twitter which has some people having millions of followers but only thousands of retweets. The Math doesn’t add up!?

Everywhere, it just seems there should be more people on the internet, but there aren’t

Check Out This Board Post on 4Chan


I’ve been doing online marketing and offsite SEO for years. Back in the 2006-2009 era, you could, as a small company gets to the Google front page relatively easily. Since then, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc have all exploded in popularity. If you check the search results for any keywords now the first 10 pages are all saturated with globalist sites. Either their direct sites or their SEO propaganda backlink subsidiaries.

Nowadays Google often doesn’t even count the backlink unless it comes from a globalist controlled site.
They have made it so they control what the high domain authority sites are, more or less.

“From 5 billion results to 229. Google is a scam.”

Maybe the internet is full of bots?

Elon Musk who just became a majority shareholder of Twitter is trying to destroy Twitter bots and proposed verification for members of their Blue service.

So this leads us to the Creepy Conspiracy Theory Claims The Internet “Died” Years Ago

A good example of a recent one is the “Dead Internet Theory.”

This theory states that the Internet as we know it actually died sometime between 2016 and 2017, according to The Atlantic.

One of the more popular posts explaining the theory.

In January 2021, a user named IlluminatiPirate created a thread on the website titled, “Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake.”

It goes into how much of the Internet is now created and managed by AI and is filled with bots.

I for one know that the internet at least in the realm of speech is quite dead, this mainly is due to our voices being suspended, accounts deactivated, or just plain shadowbanning where you type but NO one sees it. Everything in our feed is what the owners of the website set into their algorithm and want us to see.

Behind the death of the Internet are corporations working in conjunction with the government to push propaganda and coerce actual users to purchase products.

For one, there’s no denying that the Internet of today is wildly different from what it was even just a few years ago. Maybe it’s time to go outside again and talk to people?

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