Biden says a lot of stupid things But this was REALLY STUPID

Written by on January 5, 2022

Biden says a lot of stupid things. But this was REALLY STUPID

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist


? Apple became the world’s first $3 trillion company
✅ Joe Rogan has officially joined GETTR
? Nancy Pelosi is expected to retire after midterms

Sources: CNN, GETTR, The Right Scoop

? New York Attorney General Letitia James has issued subpoenas for Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as part of her ongoing civil tax fraud investigation into the Trump Organization. [Just the News] ::coughWitchHuntcough::

✅ A federal jury convicted Elizabeth Holmes, the startup founder who claimed to revolutionize blood testing, on 4 of 11 charges for a yearslong fraud scheme against investors while running Theranos Inc., which ended up as one of Silicon Valley’s most notorious implosions. [WSJ]

? CNN is reportedly going to be revamped as a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s hosts and staff will be fired. The potential move comes as Discovery has purchased WarnerMedia, which owns CNN. [Deadline]

✅ Facebook has reinstated the Heroes of Liberty account after it “permanently disabled” their ad account two days before Christmas, claiming the conservative children’s book publisher’s posts — which promoted books about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and former President Ronald Reagan — violated the company’s policy against “low quality or disruptive content.” [National Review]

? The Manhattan district attorney’s office has dropped a probe into Andrew Cuomo over allegations he mishandled nursing homes during the initial coronavirus outbreak. [NY Post]

? The FDA authorized the use of a third dose “booster” of the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 12 to 15, and narrowed the interval for a booster shot eligibility to five months from six. The agency also authorized a third shot for children aged 5 through 11 years who are immunocompromised. [Reuters]

✅ A federal judge granted a temporary injunction Monday against a federal vaccine mandate for Navy SEALs, who sued President Biden because they were seeking a religious exemption.


?Google manipulated search results for “mass formation psychosis” after Dr. Robert Malone mentioned it on Joe Rogan’s podcast.


?Watch this punk with two masks on LOSE HIS MIND on an unmasked woman waiting on line behind him.


?Gov. Ron DeSantis got the LAST LAUGH, slamming Democrats for saying he was “missing” while he was with his wife during her cancer treatments.


?Freudian slip? Dr. Fauci accidentally said the quiet part out loud when referring to the Chinese…


?”Brought to you by Pfizer!” All of the mainstream media outlets promoting the vaccine are receiving millions in ad dollars from… you guessed it, Pfizer.


? Biden says a lot of stupid things. But this was REALLY STUPID. Thanks for the fantastic economics lesson, Joe.

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