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IS JUSTICE FINALLY COMING FOR GEORGIA ELECTION FRAUD? Shared By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist   It's been just over a year since the 2020 Presidential election, and we're still working to uncover the fraud that took place... Here's the headline: Georgia's secretary of state Brad Raffensperger has launched an investigation [...]

Urging Republicans to work against future stolen elections Trump still believes the 2020 election was a fraud Former President Donald Trump is urging Republicans to continue to push that the was a fraud, which is showing to be a driving narrative of the party. Trump continues to state that the 2020 election was fraudulent — […]

For Anyone Not Supporting Trump Why? Do you dislike that he made cruelty to animals a FELONY? Do you dislike he gave billions to stop the Opioid crisis? He destroyed ISIS, killed how many terrorists without going to war, and oh wait, everyone said we’d be in World War III by now with North Korea? […]

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