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It feels like every day there’s a new story about young children being exposed to drag queen story hours, sexually explicit reading material, and classroom lessons that teaches them they can choose their own gender. Note, however, personally, I have nothing against Transgenders, Transexuals, Transvestites, etc but this is an adult or at least a post-puberty state of being and children should NOT be pushed towards this path. In fact in most cases before puberty a child male or female could display tendencies that opposite genders “normally” display, some boys play with dolls and some girls like to play with “boy things” it happens ALL the time and there is NOTHING wrong with it. These children may grow up still to be straight, they might be bi, and some might be gay, but that usually will determine and kick in around puberty and absolutely should NOT be pushed unnaturally on children (this is quite literally what “Grooming” means.)

What I do not want and cannot stand for is the push for puberty blockers, and body modification for children. This is something that a person should NOT have access to until after puberty, lots of counseling, and more than likely the age of 18.

In my opinion, I feel that children should be allowed to express themselves when they are younger in their clothing and how they present themselves, considering that Gender is a social construct not to be confused with biological sex. What many need to realize in the “transgender community” is that they MUST recognize that they were born with undeniable physical sex and those parts that go with it. In exchange, we can all understand that gender and gender norms are concepts beyond physical sex. So there is NOTHING wrong with a person exploring clothing or other ways to express themselves that might not fit the same “gender norms” even if this comes from children, but what we should NOT be doing is forcing this on our kids. The only other way to fix the issue when it comes to school is that we create school uniforms that are gender neutral and require that for lower-level classes (pre-high school.)

What we do know is that people absolutely do NOT want children exposed to sexual topics that are not at the maturity level of appropriateness. As well as we need to make it known that this push on our children is absolutely NOT an LGBT agenda, it is a push by some in the community but absolutely NOT by all. There is way too much generalization by media on the right or left that will make a case that we are all for this “agenda” and that is absolutely NOT true. Groups like Gays For Trump and Gays Against Groomers (more info about their campaign here) are committed to ensuring that children are NOT exposed to inappropriate material, while of course those on the left would complain and call “Groomers” a theory concocted by the right-wing gays.

With that introduction said, let’s see what people surveyed feel about it all. A new survey of 1,000 likely voters, conducted on September 20-21, 2022, sought to find out where Americans stand on this issue.

Spoiler alert: They overwhelmingly oppose it…



89% say it is important that public schools fully inform parents about what is being taught to their children, including 70% that say it is very important.


60% say they oppose public schools teaching about transgender ideology.


  • 69% believe books containing explicit sexual depictions should not be in public libraries
  • 79% say they should not be in middle school libraries
  • 85% say they should not be in elementary school libraries


77% of voters say they’re concerned that school-age kids are being exposed to sexually explicit material that is not age appropriate. Only 20% say they’re not concerned.

Worth noting: Of those surveyed, 29% are parents of school-age children and 26% are grandparents of school-age children

[Source: Rasmussen Reports]

Extra: Since Posting on Facebook, I have a little bit more to add to this article.

I think most will get the point, this will be the typical response from those on the left that think children should be exposed to everything, I am sure we could have come to some compromise on this topic but it just wasn’t going to happen. When it comes to the left it just leads to insults, grammar questioning, and mistruths (FYI as far as I know this picture was NOT photoshopped,) censorship, and eventually, they will try to cancel you. This is why I just block, there is just NOT enough time in the day to even try with people as far gone as this individual.

Note that these are the ones that will push for puberty blockers, and push for surgery on their children. They cannot figure out the difference between showing diversity to children in an age-appropriate manner (not all Drag Shows are bad, and dare I say Drag Queen Story Time as it matters in the manner they are conducted) and exposing/endangering children with medication or surgery.

The bottom line before puberty hits and a child is still developing this child is NOT capable of knowing what they want, nor should their parents or others push anything on them. Otherwise one day we will wake up to a world of very upset “trans” people that were forced that way and who very much didn’t want what was done to them.

Ultimately I am for protecting so-called “trans” children and keeping children expressing their gender diversity, but I draw the line on forcing medication or operations on children. If I was in any position on making laws I would make this practice HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

After all, what’s wrong with letting our kids be expressive at a young age, but still enjoy their childhood?


Extra Credit:

This is insane

Puberty blocker ad put out by Planned Parenthood, tells children that they can get puberty blockers to “put their puberty on hold”

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