Biden Border Crisis is “Trump’s fault” blames the left.. How?

Written by on March 18, 2021

Biden Border Crisis is “Trump’s fault” blames the left.. How?


Joe Biden has created a crisis at the border and the left blames Trump

Biden wrong not to acknowledge border ‘crisis

Sean Hannity blasted President Biden and his administration Wednesday night for their lack of transparency in handling the migrant influx at the southern border, saying the administration was “purposefully denying” the truth about what’s going on there.

“[The southern border] has now devolved into a total state of chaos — and it is a crisis,” the “Hannity” host said. “Make no mistake about it, a crisis that Biden caused and is now making worse every single day. Joe Biden stopped the border wall construction, he promised to expand amnesty and asylum, remember he literally told migrants to flood the border.

“Congrats, Joe,” Hannity continued. “More than 100,000 migrants were detained at the border just this month. Oh, and a record number of unaccompanied minors are now in those U.S. detention centers.”

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In other developments:
– DHS chief Mayorkas, intense exchange, calls GOP congresswoman’s question ‘extraordinarily disrespectful’

– Texas Gov. Abbott accuses Biden admin of ‘not being transparent’ about the health of unaccompanied minors

– Texas mayor tells ‘America Reports’ local communities, federal agencies ‘overwhelmed’ by the border crisis

– Tucker Carlson: No country could survive Biden’s border policies

– Liberals blame Trump, Republicans, and racism for Atlanta shootings before police determine a motive

– The Root accused of racism after a piece by a New York Times contributor declares ‘Whiteness Is a Pandemic’

– Atlanta mayor speaks out after the mass shooting, calls attacks ‘a crime against us all

– Atlanta shooting suspect Robert Long: What to know

– Asian woman, 70, fights back against an attacker in San Francisco: witnesses

– CNN panned for suggesting DeSantis shouldn’t take credit for ‘booming’ Florida during the pandemic

– Dan Bongino to take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio time slot

– Newsom tells CNN he’s a ‘Zoom school’ parent – though his kids returned to private classes months ago: report

– NBC reporter admits White House used COVID to limit press access, avoid tough questions for Biden

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