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Press Release 7/21/17

Is Gays For Trump’s President Mr. Peter Boykin “Getting Rich” off of Gays For Trump?

Q – What kind of organization is Gays For Trump?


“There are a variety of legal types of organizations, including corporationsgovernmentsnon-governmental organizationspolitical organizationsinternational organizationsarmed forcescharitiesnot-for-profit corporationspartnershipscooperatives, and educational institutions.

hybrid organization is a body that operates in both the public sector and the private sector simultaneously, fulfilling public duties and developing commercial market activities.

voluntary association is an organization consisting of volunteers. Such organizations may be able to operate without legal formalities, depending on jurisdiction, including informal clubs.

Organizations may also operate in secret and/or illegally in the case of secret societiescriminal organizations and resistance movements.” From Wikipedia.

A – Gays For Trump is a “Voluntary association” an organization consisting of volunteers.

Gays For Trump is a “Voluntary association” an organization consisting of volunteers. Thus, we operate the Gays For Trump “organization” on a voluntary basis. We have random volunteers who assist when they can. Volunteers help with events, moderate comments or groups on the internet, and show support through small GoFundMe donations.

Gays For Trump, just like many other groups such as; Blacks For Trump, Latinos For Trump, Women For Trump, Bikers For Trump, etc. came out and started groups as an answer to the opposition. These groups or organizations are more than a simple hash tag. For this group, #GaysForTrump has been a hash tag movement and as stated in the past, one does not own a hash tag, but one could organize a movement and thus the hash tag used is associated with that group or organization.

That is what Peter Boykin, President of Gays For Trump, has been working on for nearly two years. This all began before February 2016 when Mr. Boykin officially created the Group on Facebook. Gays For Trump is a voluntary group ran by Mr. Boykin. He does use the public crowdfunding site GoFundMe to offset costs he incurs doing events to promote the LGBTQ conservative movement.

To become an official 501C Charity, it states you cannot endorse a specific candidate. Thus, funds raised for Gays For Trump have been through GoFundMe only and used in full along with out-of-pocket funds for the events and from volunteers.

“GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform which allows people in some, but not all countries to raise money for events ranging from life events such as, celebrations and graduations, to challenging circumstances like, accidents and illnesses.”

There are people who raised funds through GoFundMe or other crowd funding sites for ridiculous purposes. Such as, to get a tattoo paid for or removed, some who requested others to pay for booze or in one case, “I’m high and need Chinese Food.” All the above crowd funding request made all or more than their goals.

Not to mention the Chelsey Manning GoFundMe which raised $174,177.00 while she was incarcerated. “Funds raised will be used to pay for Chelsea’s rent, utilities, health care, clothing and other living expenses for the first year after she is released,” taken from the GoFundMe campaign information.


Other Crowd funding recipients who raised extraordinary amounts – a user in the UK raised 8,016 pounds or 13K to make a “Giant Inflatable Sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head. Zac Danger Brown raised 10K of a 10-dollar goal to make Potato Salad. Another example is a guy made a crowd funding to raise money to hire a sky writer to write “dumb stuff in the sky.” He raised nearly 7K. Launching a Tardis into space, another crowd funding which raised a high amount of funds that may or may not be used for the original purposes. Dr. Who fans donated nearly $90K of a 90M goal for this project. It is still unknown whether the event will happen or not due to the fact that a Tardis is a fictional object and launching something into space is not something plausible.

As stated above, all funds raised are not the full funds received by the recipient as well.

“GoFundMe Pricing & Support. While it’s completely free to create a fundraising campaign, GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each of your donations, and you’ll also be charged a 2.9% + $0.30 fee from WePay for each payment you request.” In total 8% is deducted.

Furthermore, the campaigns by Mr. Boykin on behalf of Gays For Trump are not charities to which you can make a tax-deductible charitable contribution. He has never represented himself as a charity, but as an individual raising money to do events and purchase advertising for the purpose of spreading the message that Gays For Trump exists and to show support of the President, Donald J Trump.

Mr. Boykin has followed all the rules associated with having such a GoFundMe. Mr. Boykin has complied with all the regulations and transparency required by running a voluntary campaign to support the President and the conservative movement.

For the past two years, Mr. Boykin raised funds to raise awareness of the fact that Gays do and should support Donald Trump, and in doing so helped to get more LGBTQ to vote for Trump during the election. Mr. Boykin has mainly operated in the NC and DC areas. North Carolina was a large Battleground Swing state during the election, and a win in that state signaled a great victory for the Trump campaign.

Mr. Boykin crowd sourced funding for Pride Booths in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Burlington, and Durham. Costs went towards the booth spaces, the travel and time associated with doing such events, and the materials and advertising related to such a venture.

Mr. Boykin also participated in NC Trump and Pence rallies ranging from HighPoint, Hickory, Wilmington, and multiple times in Greensboro NC and Raleigh NC. A few of these we might add were in VIP positions. Each of these gave the opportunity for Mr. Boykin to Reach the news, and ensure that the rainbow flag and LGBTQ were represented on camera giving hope and confidence to other Gay Conservatives to come out and be vocal about their support for Trump.

Mr. Boykin  also went on a trip to help campaign for Trump in Virginia Beach and to team up with a very vocal ally in Virginia, Scott Presler.

A major portion of the funds raised went towards the Billboard campaign that Mr. Boykin was able to accomplish. These digital billboards appeared in 5 locations (3 in NC and 2 Florida)
• Greensboro NC
(Guilford County, NC) 1-40 .3 mil E/O Gallimore Dairy Rd RR/FE
• Winston Salem NC
(Forsyth County, NC) Hwy 52N, W/S .2MI. N/O I-40 LR/FS
• Hillsborough NC
(Orange County, NC **Remember the RNC Firebombing**) N/S I-85/40 @ EXIT #157 (Towards Durham/Raleigh)
• Orlando FL N/S Sand Lake Rd .7 mil W/O OBT (441) F/W
• Orlando FL N/S Beachline Expressway (SR 528) 1 mil E/O Orange Ave E/B
(Near International Airport)

The Prices ranged from 1K – 2K each for a period of one week, November 1- 8.

These billboards were two adds in one – one was a memorial for the victims of the terrorist attack at Orlando’s Pulse night club and the other was to ask the LGBTQ = Let’s Get Behind Trump and to visit the website.

After the election, remaining funds went towards advertisement and costs of the Gay Deploraball Gays For Trump put on in the DC area on inauguration night. Those costs were offset by the selling of tickets to the event to pay for this event. An event which cost more than 50K to throw. Additionally, no profit was made from this event. It was basically in the range of throwing a wedding and asking for everyone to help split the bill.

Everything is explained further in the GoFundMe Page; the original GoFundMe page has been archived and its site is now as Mr. Boykin has always been as transparent as possible.

Q – What’s the relationship between Gays for Trump and MagaMega LLC?

A – Mr. Boykin runs both of these projects. This is the only direct affiliation.

As for MagaMega LLC it is NOT affiliated directly with Gays For Trump, nor has any money raised for Gays For Trump gone to Maga Mega LLC. Although Mr. Boykin runs both of these projects. This is the only direct affiliation. No money has been raised for MAGA MEGA LLC as it is still in the works of being established. Many people, just like Donald Trump, have affiliations of involvements in many different businesses and projects. So, to answer the question they are completely separate entities. Gays For Trump is a voluntary group for activism and MAGA MEGA LLC is intended to eventually be a business.

Q – How are those organizations registered — for instance, you say MagaMega LLC is indeed an LLC? Where is that MagaMega LLC registered and who are the principles or officers? Is Gays for Trump a separate organization? Is it filed anywhere and how? Who are the principles or officers.

A – Gays For Trump is a Group on Facebook and an Activism organization not a Charitable Non-Profit organization. Maga Mega LLC is a registered business formed in and filed with NC filing as per NC regulations and has conducted no business to date.

Maga Mega LLC is a registered business formed in and filed with NC filing


Although, for protection purposes and to separate personal life from business, our address is based in the Washington DC area which is a legal practice used by many businesses. For now, MagaMega LLC is a Sole Proprietorship and is mainly used only in social media and as a name placeholder business to preserve the name for future business uses. In the future, there will be a decision to continue the business as is and expand into a partnership structure or to scrap the name and go in a different direction or even changing the name.

Therefore, the Answer is yes, Gays For Trump is a separate project, and NOT part of the MAGA MEGA LLC. It has never been presented as a charity and when funds are available and when the project deems necessary Mr. Boykin would like to transform this into a Gay Non-Profit Organization. However, at this time it is unclear whether this should or should not happen. Mr. Boykin has been very clear in that he is running a volunteer organization and funds gathered for that goes towards expenses in the various projects he leads. He has however worked towards registering the logo of #gaysfortrump to ensure no one takes advantage of his intellectual property. To which he has every right to do.

As for funding, again GoFundMe has been used to raise funds for the various projects Mr. Boykin has put on to offset his personal out-of-pocket expenses. Not all events have been successful, i.e. March 4 MAGA. Funding limits what can and cannot be done and where.

For example, Gays For Trump raised enough money to cover some of the cost for various projects during and after the election season. After the March4Trump event, fundraising has slowed down drastically limiting what Mr. Boykin is trying to accomplish. One can point out the May 20th Pray4Trump project only raised $310 and the March4MAGA raised only $150. All of these projects generated a personal out-of-pocket loss for Mr. Boykin. However, rather than canceling events, Mr. Boykin went as he said he would and followed through as promised absorbing the additional costs himself.

Additionally, March4Trump funds raised went towards the event expenses and the two main speakers, Joy Villa and Andre Soriano’s expenses. Ms. Villa and Mr. Soriano donated their speaking time to the event and received zero compensation. Funds raised and funds from Mr. Boykin paid for airfare, hotel fees, and expenses while in D.C., for the event itself, and dinner at Trump Hotel with fans and the media. Mr. Boykin shared hotel accommodation with Mr. Soriano.

The comments and accusations that Mr. Boykin has been getting “rich” off of Gays For Trump are not only invalid, but inflammatory and defaming. Sadly, most of these allegations come from the “Right” rather than the opposition on the “Left” who seem to be trying to defame a good man who has now spent more than 11K out of his own pocket to continue his support for the President and the LGBTQ conservative movement.

Unfortunately, accusations often come in the form of jealously. Whether it be over the success that a simple person working two jobs, with no major financial backers, spending his only available personal time and money organized such events and gained notoriety, without any major “social cliques” behind him. The fact that Mr. Boykin could accomplish what he has done with little to no help is what should be being talked about rather than unsubstantiated claims of getting rich. The fact that on numerous occasions Mr. Boykin slept in his car because there were not enough funds to cover the event cost as well as a place to sleep. Therefore, he followed through as promised completing his planned event and slept in a parking lot somewhere in his car. How many other organizations can say that of their members, let alone their president.

Mr. Boykin has been referred to as a prominent Gay Rights activist and compared to the likes to Milo Yiannopoulos. Not only has Mr. Boykin achieved what he has done, but he has done it as an Outsider. He is a Minority of a Minority as one could say, meaning that the majority of Gays are Democrats. He is Outcast from the Democratic party and an outsider of the social/mainstream Republican party.

This is beginning of change, numbers show that Gay supporters to the conservative political agenda are growing thanks to Scott Presler, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Mr. Boykin who have been leaders in bringing gays to the forefront of politics. It has been Mr. Boykin’s mission for an INCLUSION movement to Unite the Right. Many people will fight this, but it is Mr. Boykin’s mission and he will continue to do what he can in his power to further the mission to support and defend the President of the United States and his ongoing support for the LGBTQ community and the LGBTQ conservative voice.

Additionally, and unfortunately, the Liberal Left and Liberal LGBTQ have been the main source of Mr. Boykin’s rise of notoriety and also the main providers of advertisement of the GoFundMe’s associated with GaysForTrump. This is mainly because the Liberal Blogs and Media saw GaysForTrump as joke that could not raise such funds or follow through with events. Mr. Boykin proved them wrong even if he didn’t raise all the funds he needed, he raised enough to at least commit to and follow through with the events promised. The major opposition which has slowed down Mr. Boykin’s event fundraising is in fact those from the Republican side and “conservative” social media influencers who have thrown doubt to his intentions.

Sadly, none of these people have gone directly to him or his publicist before publicly making unsubstantiated claims. Which ironically, is also their claims for aggression towards #fakenews and the media. However, Mr. Boykin has consistently been transparent and has delivered EVERYTHING he has said he would do.

The fact is, a Gay Conservative is trying to unite the right, which not only breaks the mold for one in the LGBTQ community, but in the political one as well. One would think the Liberal Left would be the ones trying to throw a wrench into his progress. But, it seems many in the right have taken time out to try to discredit Mr. Boykin, just like they did with Milo. It’s actually pretty confusing as to why they would not want a Gay Conservative to thrive. Perhaps there is bigotry lurking within the conservatives, where many claim there is none.

Q – How much money have the organizations raised?

A – There is only one organization, Gays For Trump and it has raised a total of $70,245 and expenses were $80,000 out-of-pocket expenses to cover costs was $11,294.60

Full disclosure of funds received and spent in association with the Gays For Trump movement:

(Monies Raised minus deductions from GoFundMe $ – 8% = remaining balance)

Total raised for all events was 70,245 – 51,000 (tickets and volunteer spending [Gay Deploraball]) – (19,245 from Crowdfunding minus fees) $17,705.40.

80,000 expenses – 51,000 (tickets and volunteer spending [Gay Deploraball]) – $17,705.40 (crowdfunding) = $11, 294.60 out-of-pocket expenses by Mr. Boykin. This does not include any out-of-pocket expenses by other volunteers associated with the Gays For Trump movement.

Breakdown –

Gays For Trump – 13,315 Raised (minus deductions from GoFundMe)

Gays For Trump – Billboards – cost – 8K on Billboards

Gays For Trump – Booths – 4 booths during campaign season – Cost 2K @500ea

Gays For Trump advertising and marketing – Cost 3K in advertisement, promoting, marketing, social media and set up website and initial costs – not including manpower – personal time creating and working on these movement events.

Traveling expenses including time off from work – for campaign and attending these events – $1500 personal expense.

Deploraball – cost was more than 51K – Tickets to attend solely paid for this event – A GoFundMe was never started for this event therefore raised no funds. Tickets were covering the majority of the expenses. Out of Pocket for Mr. Boykin was more than 6K. Out-of-pocket for additional volunteers is unknown as they voluntarily paid for decorations and other items and volunteered time during the event set up, clean up, and during the event manning the doors or wherever needed – Assessment would be approximately $1,000 in total by volunteers.

March 4 Trump – Cost was more than 8,500K – GoFundMe raised 5,470K – additionally personal volunteers who paid associated costs directly to a companies – such as the staging helped with the cost which was $2,500. Out-of-pocket was – $1,500 by Mr Boykin. This does not include what other volunteers paid out-of-pocket as well.

Pray For Trump – Cost was approximately $500 GoFundMe raised $310

March For MAGA – Cost was approximately $1500 GoFundMe raised $150