92 Times The @LGBTQNation Incorrectly Blamed @RealDonaldTrump for Attacking “The Gays”

Note this is in response to the “article” on LGBTQNation.com


Honestly, all the LGBTQNation Leftist Gay Media site does is spout out OPINION articles.



Meanwhile, if ANYTHING positive comes out they greatly ignore these events.

Although Trump talked about ending the HIV epidemic which unfortunately has affected the Gay community for a LONG time as well as other Americans.

“U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would be asking Democrats and Republicans to make a commitment to eliminate HIV in the U.S. within 10 years.”

The LGBTQ media will ignore this just as they ignore the fact that Donald Trump used to send funds to Gay HIV patients and clinics in NY in order to try to fight HIV when it first started to surface in the 1980’s.

In the late 80’s, Donald Trump frequently visited young AIDS victim #RyanWhite, while raising awareness & acceptance for something very few understood at the time.

In 1990, when Ryan passed, Donald invited & flew Michael Jackson on his private plane to Ryan’s home in Indiana (pictured below) to attend Ryan’s funeral.

They refuse to face the FACT that Donald Trump has NEVER been Anti-LGBTQ and has shown nothing BUT support towards Gay American citizens. He has protected us all as EQUAL Americans and anyone that says otherwise is just spreading Fake News to spread the leftist gay agenda.

I will be in my opinion dissecting each of the 92 “attacks” on the LGBTQ community in this article. Note this is my opinion. Just like the opinions and the “facts” they quote.. since most of their “facts” point back to their own articles.. face it unless it is spreading Fake hyped fear. no one is interested in their news. Without this continued fear mongering they would be out of business much like CNN and other Fake News Media should be experiencing right now.. oh wait.. Huff Post and BuzzFeed have… among others.

NOTE: THEIR “FACTS” are Just Quote Backs to their Various #FakeNews Opinion Articles

ALSO, NOTE Our Response is Opinion (and Fact)

FYI: There are 24 Cases of (Transsexual Issues) and 20 Cases of (Religious Issues) out of 92 of these issues (1 issue is classified as both issues)

Trump Administration’s 92 Attacks(*cough cough* FAKE NEWS) on LGBTQ Americans

LGBTQNation: 01.28.19- President Trump meets with Ginni Thomas, wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and anti-LGBTQ group Groundswell at the White House. According to news reports, Ms. Thomas led a meeting with President Trump at the White House where participants denounced transgender Americans and claimed the historic, nationwide marriage equality ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court was “harming the fabric of the United States.” The Supreme Court is on the verge of deciding whether to take up a case regarding Trump’s ban on allowing transgender service members from serving in the nation’s armed forces.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#1 1.28.19 Transgender-Related Military Ban: Again not discrimination against Transsexuals. As NO ONE has the RIGHT to serve in the military. Bottom line this mental/physical condition disqualifies them just like many other reasons why someone who was not able to serve who wanted.

Facts diabetes (fill in facts)

Any condition that adversely affect your condition. If you take treatment or medical … you have any kind of condition that adversely affects your ability to serve you cannot serve if you take any kind of medication in order to regulate a medical condition you cannot serve ie diabetics insulin dependent if you have diabetes and you need to have any kind of additional treatment if you have flat feet if you have an arrhythmia in your heart if you have an allergy to say beans and you might go into anaphylactic shock and you have to carry an EpiPen that is a disqualifier

LGBTQNation: 01.3.19- The Trump Administration approved a waiver request by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, which could give faith-based adoption agencies the ability to deny LGBTQ couples adoption rights based on so-called “religious exemptions” — all while using government tax dollars.

Our Response: (Anti-Faith Issue)

#2 1.3.19 Faith-Based Adoption Agencies do not have to Adopt to people they disagree with, it’s ugly but it is true. But, if you have so many problems with people of faith, why not go after other religions where they would rather put gays to death? I do though agree they should not get government tax dollars though.

LGBTQNation: 01.11.19- More than 13,000 federal workers identifying as LGBTQ do not receive a paycheck as President Trump’s government shutdown becomes the longest shut down in U.S. history.

Our Response:

#3 1.11.19 Really? Trump Attacked the gays because they didn’t get a paycheck, because of the #ShutDown WOW… stretch much?

Is Trump heterophobic because not all the straight people didn’t get paid too.

Or Fedaphobic?

LGBTQNation: 01.03.19- In a leaked memo by the Justice Department, the Trump Administration considers dissolving the “disparate impact” regulation, which grants marginalized communities (including LGBTQ Americans) legal protections from unintended discrimination in housing, education, and other ways of life.

Our Response:

#4 1.3.19 So we have to believe some “leaked memo” by the Justice Department that you claim came from the Trump Administration is going to take away discrimination rights? Yea sounds like someone made that one up… not buying it

LGBTQNation: 01.01.19- NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine invites Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos, to visit the United States. Rogozin, a politician, is vehemently anti-LGBTQ and even compared the community to ISIS.

Our Response:

#5 1.1.19 So a NASA admin invites another person a director to visit the USA.. and he is anti-gay and as bad as ISIS. Yet you had your precious Obama giving MILLIONS of dollars to IRAN who wants Gays All MURDERED… in your example if Trump or someone talks to anyone that has an anti-gay stance means “ORANGE MAN BAD.”

Obama bowed down and kissed the rings of many who hated gays. Have you forgotten that?

LGBTQNation: 12.21.18- The Department of Justice issued a “Statement of Interest” on a pending case involving the University of Iowa and an anti-LGBTQ student organization. The DOJ sided with the student group that indirectly bars an LGBTQ person from joining their organization. This indirect discrimination is known as a “disparate impact” form of discrimination.

Our Response:

#6 12.21.18 I would like to know more about this “Anti-LGBTQ” organization that was allowed to discriminate. Though for example would a Democratic group want a Republican to join? or vise-versa? Would you push for a PRO-Radical ISLAM group to allow the Infidel to be a part of the group? I am NOT for discrimination but this is another “example of Trump attacking Gays” that needs to be clarified, not just opinionated.

LGBTQNation:12.20.18- The Trump Administration tightens its regulations on access to food stamps, affecting about the 1 in 4 LGBTQ adults who apply for the SNAP program.

Our Response:

#7 12.20.18 So you are trying to tell us Trump is “attacking gays” because they cannot get Food Stamps…because its harder to get them… well if they don’t qualify TOUGH… I couldn’t get them when I was younger… The #LGBTQ wants to be equal… well there you go.. you equally don’t qualify! … NEXT…!

LGBTQNation:12.19.18- The Trump Administration discharges two service members in the Air Force after disclosing their HIV-positive status to the Department of Defense.

Our Response:

#8 12.19.18 So 2 service members were taken out of the Air Force because they have HIV.. well they have a contagious medical disease.. this disqualifies someone from serving.. so sorry not attacking the #LGBTQ just making sure others are safe and following protocol.

LGBTQNation:12.09.18- The Trump Administration quietly shuts down a HIV research facility in Montana after the administration objected to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its scientists using fetal tissue as a part of its research to find a cure for HIV and AIDS.

Our Response:

#9 12.09.18 Well we need to know more about the “Fetal Tissue” being used.. if this is obtained by Aborted fetuses. I don’t think this is appropriate for research… “they relied on fetal tissue donated by women who had abortions in order to produce “humanized mice,” mice that have human-like immune systems” This came around the time where it was found Planned Parenthood was selling aborted fetuses. So yea I don’t blame anyone that the project was shut down.. I would have done it too.

LGBTQNation:11.30.18- The Trump Administration signs a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that makes it clear the United States doesn’t have to proactively combat anti-LGBTQ discrimination in order to adhere to the agreement.

Our Response:

#10 12.09.18 Though you leave out the part where Trump goes ahead and signs the agreement with the extra protections added in. Although many of us were left wondering what all this extra info was doing in a trade agreement in the first place. It’s just extra unnecessary noise put in. PERIOD

LGBTQNation:11.23.18- The Trump Administration asks the United States Supreme Court to circumvent federal appeals courts and issue a ruling on transgender Americans’ right to serve in the military.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#11 12.09.18 Again the same as the answer to question #1 Transgender-Related Military Ban: Again not discrimination against Transsexuals. As NO ONE has the RIGHT to serve in the military. Bottom line this mental/physical condition disqualifies them just like many other reasons why someone who was not able to serve who wanted.

LGBTQNation: 10.25.18- In an ongoing effort on the part of the Trump Administration to replace “gender” with a biological-essentialist definition of “sex”, U.S. officials at the United Nations are seeking to replace mentions of “gender”, e.g. “gender-based violence”, with alternative terminology, like “violence against women,” erasing all references to gender identity and the issues relating to trans and gender non-conforming people.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#12 10.25.18 Although I believe that people of “gender” should be protected, when it comes down to it there are ONLY the biological definitions of sex available, anything else would have to mention that these “genders” of which there can be ONLY ONE more (same category of a hermaphrodite which is also scientifically a 3rd “gender/sex”) or you can argue maybe the 4th one you can include are Transsexuals. So honestly technically it should be violence against “biological women” etc. If someone personally thinks they are something other than that it should ALSO be recognized properly so that the crimes are PROPERLY classified. Again NOT an attack by Trump it’s ONLY a Clarification. 

LGBTQNation:10.24.18 The Department of Justice writes in a brief to the Supreme Court that it is legal to discriminate against transgender employees based on their gender identity, saying that banning sex discrimination under Title VII in the workplace does not extend to transgender workers.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#13 10.24.18 Honestly although I don’t like any sort of discrimination against individuals including Transsexuals if Title VII does NOT extend to Transgender employees then, unfortunately, that is the law. So instead of claiming that Donald Trump is attacking the LGBTQ community (and let’s face it we are only talking about the T in most of these cases) then why not do something about it and work through the court system to get the proper protections then?

LGBTQNation:10.21.18 The Department of Health and Human Services proposes in a new memo to change the legal definition of sex under Title IX, requiring individuals to identify according to their gender assigned at birth. This change in legal definition would remove nondiscrimination protections for transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#14 10.21.18 This sounds a lot like the same issue as above with classifying the true biological definitions of sex. Although discrimination is again still not something that should be done to anyone including all those listed. I do think if someone has had surgery they could be considered their new sex, but if you are going by medical records I believe that the health system and for your OWN health should know what you were biologically born as. Again this is NOT an attack by Trump on the LGBTQ community again this is still mainly a T issue.

LGBTQNation:10.01.18- The Trump Administration’s State Department announces a new policy that the same-sex, unmarried partners of United Nations employees will not be granted visas to stay in the U.S., effective immediately. In doing so, diplomats in same-sex partnerships who come from countries where same-sex marriage is illegal will either be forced to marry in the U.S. and risk repercussions, including threats, harassment, and even incarceration back home; quit their jobs; or separate for the sake of one partner’s career.

Our Response:

#15 10.01.18 Considering that Same-Sex Marriage was made legal it did make sense that if you are going to bring your “spouses” into the U.S. to live that just like EVERYONE else that is married, then you should have to technically be married as well. Another case of the equality that the #LGBTQ community received and fought so hard for but when they achieved it they wanted to have special rights no one else had. So honestly if you are going to allow unmarried partners to stay in the U.S. this must equally happen with same or opposite sex couples. Though I think there should be wavers for the same-sex couples of the countries that do not allow it, and this pressure must be placed on those countries. But, one can look at it this way.. pretty good of them to be able to become an LGBTQ diplomat of that country in the UN. Again this is NOT an attack by Trump on the LGBTQ community, this is just a fair equality rule that has a small unfair flaw in it.

LGBTQNation:7.30.18- President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces his new ‘Religious Liberty’ Task Force at the Department of Justice’s Religious Liberty Summit. As stated by Sessions, the group’s purpose is to ensure that the Justice Department upholds the administration’s guidance for religious exemptions, which he released in October.

Our Response: (Anti-Faith Issue)

#16 7.30.18 So… not seeing any attacks by Trump on the LGBTQ just because in our country we allow “Religious Liberty.” Again I go back to the same argument, what does the leftist LGBTQ have so much of a problem with Christianity (religion) that might think homosexuality is a sin but in that same thought they honestly worry about our souls and are afraid we will not be able to join them in heaven. Meanwhile, the Democratic party harbors some strong churches (mainly black) that condemn the homosexual and kick them out of their families and churches. Also, the leftist LGBTQ fails to recognize that the Muslim faith in most cases wants homosexuality to be eradicated and that means killing all the homosexuals off the face of the earth.. yet the Leftist LGBTQ seem to embrace the Muslim culture with open arms… yet Gays for Trump is called Jews for Hitler… really?

LGBTQNation:7.9.18- President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court seat made vacant by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh has an extremely conservative record and has the support of Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council (FRC).

Our Response: (Anti-Faith Issue)

#17 7.9.18 So Trump is attacking Gays because he nominated a Constitutionalist Supreme Court justice. One that will uphold the constitution and who has not indicated he would rule against homosexuals, and you get your fears of him because the SPLC who calls EVERYONE on the right a hate group (yet ignores BLM and Antifa) has FRC on their list. FRC supports Kavanaugh… but let me tell you this for 2 years now FRC has supported MagaFirstNews and MagaOneRadio to come in as Press to their events, knowing full well that half of its ownership is by a VERY Openly Gay Republican. Again no attack here.. just leftist fear… 

LGBTQNation:5.11.18- The Trump Administration rolls back protections for incarcerated transgender people that were intended to mitigate their exposure to sexual assault and abuse, allowing the Bureau of Prisons to “use biological sex as the initial determination for designation” when placing trans people for housing, screening, and programs and services.

Our Response: (T-Issue)

#18 5.11.18 Although I feel like Transgendered individuals should be protected from harm inside prison and outside one, let’s remember they are also criminals. The use of biological sex for initial determination for designation makes sense. 

“The designation to a facility of the inmate’s identified gender would be appropriate only in rare cases,” the new Transgender Offender Manual now says.

While the policy says a transgender inmate’s safety should be considered, officials also must “consider whether placement would threaten the management and security of the institution and/or pose a risk to other inmates in the institution.”

What this comes down to is a change from the Obama administration guidelines to new guidelines. One does need to put the factor that regardless of what that individual feels like genderwise, there becomes a safety factor when you place a biological male in a women’s prison and a biological female in a man’s prison. I for one would fear more for the woman in a man’s prison because after all we are STILL TALKING ABOUT CRIMINALS. This is not a summer camp or a school with normal non-criminals that might respect transsexuals gender norms. So I think this is another tough decision, but still, this is not an attack. Again another T issue.

LGBTQNation:5.3.18- President Trump signs an executive order to create a new “White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative” that will be tasked with working on so-called “religious liberty” issues across federal agencies.

Our Response: (Anti-Faith Issue)

#19 5.3.18 Just because Donald Trump supports faith groups does not mean he is “attacking the gays” the leftist LGBTQ needs to quit attacking religion. Maybe just maybe if the Gay community would think about stopping their attack on the religious community but instead talking and reaching out to faith based organizations instead maybe that might change perceptions just a wee bit?

LGBTQNation:4.18.18- Reporting reveals that President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief gave a sizable grant to the anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family Africa on Sept. 18, 2017.

Our Response:

#20 Considering that AIDS/HIV pretty much came directly from Africa and it NOT a GAY exclusive disease, it makes sense to give grants to groups IN AFRICA. What is left out is although the group does believe that people should stray away from sexual activity that can lead towards the dangers of catching disease, and does talk about on the Focus on Family Africa’s website says marriage “is intended by God to be a thriving, lifelong relationship between a man and a woman.” It also states that “God created humans in his image, intentionally and immutably male and female, each bringing unique and complementary qualities to sexuality and relationships.” South Africa has laws against discrimination. This is talked about in the article.

The State Department official with whom the Blade spoke said the PEPFAR South Africa HIV and AIDS Community Grants Program, which oversees the allocation of PEPFAR funds to community-based organizations that fight HIV/AIDS in the country, “assessed and confirmed” that Focus on the Family Africa “is committed to providing nondiscriminatory access to HIV services, or appropriate referral for such services, to all individuals, including LGBTI persons.”

“Across all of its programs, PEPFAR is deeply committed to ensuring nondiscriminatory access to HIV prevention and treatment services for all individuals, including LGBTI people,” added the official.

So giving money to an organization that is trying to prevent AIDS/HIV in Africa is somehow Trump attacking the LGBTQ community… yea not buying this one either.

LGBTQNation:4.10.18- Reporting reveals that the White House is seeking to roll back vital data collection on LGBTQ youth by raising the minimum age that LGBTQ people can be asked questions about their sexual orientation and gender identity in the Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey.

Our Response: So here is what we read…

The DOJ, however, says that teenagers may no longer be asked to identify their LGBTQ status in the survey.

In a notice released by the Federal Register on Wednesday, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reported it’s considering raising the minimum age at which teens can be asked questions about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Currently, youth must be 16 years old until that information can be requested. Now those individuals have to be at least 18.

Honestly.. why do we need to ask people their sexual identity at a young age? Forcing people at a young age to reveal thei

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