Chelsea Manning Tweets Out a Suicide Note and Shocking Photo: Conservatives and liberals Weigh in and its SHOCKING

Written by on May 28, 2018

Chelsea Manning Tweets Out a Suicide Note and Shocking Photo:

Liberals and Conservatives Weigh in and its SHOCKING

First Folks Chelsea Manning is ‘Safe’ After Window Ledge Jumper Photo as well as the 30-year-old took down the photo after about 10 minutes

Manning has had her struggles for years. As you know, she’s the whistleblower who went to prison in 2013 for giving government files to Wikileaks. President Obama commuted her sentence.

The convicted leaker of government secrets and longshot candidate for US Senate is safe after a photo on her Twitter account apparently showed the 30-year-old woman standing on the edge of an upper-story window ledge.

The photo was posted to her Twitter account late Sunday with the words: “I’m sorry.” It was sent shortly after a separate tweet that said:

im not really cut out for this world—i tried adapting to this world out here but i failed you—i couldn’t do this anymore,

among other things. The tweets did not make clear where the photo was taken, and Manning’s friends declined to say. The alarming tweets were deleted after about 10 minutes, followed by a message on her account saying Manning was OK and asking people to

“please give her some space.”


Manning, who twice tried to kill herself while in a US military lockup, and she also has been quoted that her publicity and “cult status” has been hard on her and she has found it “really intimidating” and “overwhelming.”



One thing for sure, as much as people have come out to support, or not support her.

IT IS NOT MAGA to wish someone to commit suicide.

We might disagree, but I for one wish her well and hope she gets it together soon.


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