Classic Flicks “Batman” and “Top Gun”- How They Stack Up Against Today’s Movies

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Classic Flicks “Batman”and “Top Gun”- How They Stack Up Against Today’s Movies

Reviews by: Chrissy Piccolo, Paul Richardson, McKenzie Colvin

The 1980’s exploded with films from comic book heroes like ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’ to military movies like Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and who can forget Robin Williams’ Good Morning Vietnam? These epic, iconic flicks depicted strong men ready to do whatever it took to save our country, devoted wives with families, the heartache of loss, but also the comradery between our brothers and sisters in arms.  No other country has the strength and power like the United States of America.

This summer classic flicks have been making their rounds back on the big screen and MAGA One Radio host Paul ‘Big Gator 5’ Richardson and his co-host McKenize Colvin have their take on Batman and Top Gun”.

First, a little background…

Batman was first conceived by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The masked man with a secret identity first graced the comics in #27 of Detective Comics.  In 1960’s the superhero became a tv legend with Adam West in the lead role and Burt Ward as his sidekick ‘Robin’. Though very campy the series made its mark and stars from the series frequent Comic Cons, keeping the it in the limelight. However, Adam West’s passed the torch to unlikely pick, Michael Keaton, to star in the movie version in 1989’s box office smash, directed by Tim Burton. With an All-Star cast including Danny DeVito as Penguin and Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Kim Basinger as Vickie Vale.

Richardson points out that interestingly, Nicholson had top billing over Keaton who played the lead role. His initial thoughts upon seeing it on a big screen? “I was blown away.  I’ve always seen this movie on a small screen, video or DVD, but I have tell you it’s something else in the theater on the big screen. I think this film started the modern live action adaptations.”  He adds it’s definitely made for adults, McKenzie Batman, whether it’s the comic book version or newer movies, depicts a darker character which Richardson says is necessary, “Batman is supposed to be dark, because he is a brooding guy who wields a darkness for about how he goes about doing things.  The Dark Knight trilogy sharply brought this into focus.”  To hear more about what they thought be sure to tune into ‘The Swamp Review’, Monday and 9pet on

Top Gun is one of the most iconic movies of all time.  Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, it premiered in 1986, garning over $327 million worldwide. It launched Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan into orbit after this film debuted.forever cementing them in Hollywood.

The movie was very controversial at the time because ‘Charlie’, played by McGillis, was actually the instructor at the Air Force’s Top Gun Academy. It was a gutsy move and a huge win for women to be shown as strong, independent, successful and respected in such a high position. Plus one of my favorite scenes was the big serenade by Maverick (Tom Cruise) of a woman at the bar aka Charlie.  You’ve Got That Lovin’ Feeling I’d say sums up the entire movie!

A little known fact about our Swamp Review’s co-host Colvin is this move was a huge deal in her family because she actually lived on the base where Top Gunwas filmed! How cool is that?

Richardson and Colvin agree that this movie flaunts plenty of testosterone but also allows the women to be strong, yet feminine. “Men are men and women are women and FA14 Tom Cats are real FA14 Tom Cats”, Richardson adds, not CGI or models of some sort with special effects like we see in today’s movies. Crazily, Cruise actually turned down the role initially, but after they let him fly in one of the jets, he immediately agreed to do it.

Richardson points out the plot has no big government or military conspiracy, or some war they are going into.  It’s an old-fashioned pro-American movie, with no real villain in it, although there is rivalry between Mavrick and Iceman (Kilmer), it’s nothing like what we see in today’s over the top productions. Charlie is respected by the pilots, treated professionally. McKenzie adds the women, “they’re not just treated as sex objects, they’re not treated as submissive” like we see in countless television and movies in present day. Overall both Richardson and McKenzie agree it’s a fun movie!

Find out what their favorite scenes were, more behind-the-scenes facts and about the Top Gun sequel coming out in theaters soon. Plis McKenzie’s review of Mama Mia 2 and more on Batman, Monday nights at 9pm eastern on

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