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ATTENTION: I understand that others may disagree with this and dialogue should be open (without hate) and I myself have been guilty in the past of ignorance.

But Big policy change (clarity) for #GaysForTrump

Gays For Trump includes the whole RAINBOW of Letters although it might be hard for many of us to Understand all of these.

We will continue to protect all the “gays” and allies. (that includes Transsexuals)

Also we hope to continue to educate those gays on the left to #WalkAway from the #FakeNews the Scare Tactics, and the Hate of the Left and understand that its much better to WORK with Trump especially if you see a policy may be bad for the community, than to flat out work against our President.

Recently , I Peter Boykin was the (as far as I know) ONLY openly Gay Candidate Running for Office in North Carolina under the Republican Ticket.

During that campaign I was the ONLY candidate to attend pride, in fact I was the ONLY one running in Guilford County that was running for office to even come to pride and setup.

In fact I found it a VERY enlightening day, where I could talk to individuals I might not have understood beforehand.

It increased my desire to want to represent everyone in my district and my state, and although a lot of the #LGBTQ don’t support Republicans or Support Donald Trump, I do and I see that Trump supports EVERYONE, and its #FakeNews that he racist or only cares for the rich… Trump loves and cares for us all.

So, with that on the national scale I support Trump and if that is your issue with me then I understand.

But, what I care about on a national scale has NOTHING to do with the non partisan issues we have to face in our state of North Carolina.

Also this previous “trouble” caused at the local Gay Bar… well honestly you live in America you should be able to wear whatever you want out, my loved one was assaulted and his nose was broken, we should have the right to find out who did this and they should be punished.

I will say the same thing if it was someone wearing a Hillary, a Bernie, or Obama or whatever shirt I might disagree with, I would NOT want someone to come up to ANYONE and harass Them and punch them without punishment. I am about Civility. I also was able to speak at the local pride and I believe my message came out as supportive of all.

Don’t let the R by my name make you hate me, because it takes people from all sides to get every political side to be interested in representing us.

Only take away from this is that Gays need to quit blaming Trump or one person for all the issues.
It is better to try to work with the administration and talk to people to show them what we mean than to try to force it on them.

I have been a stranger to pride, it was easy for me to just have a issue and be a HARD on these subjects when I have been having to for years defending my choice for Trump,  and counteracting the #FakeNews that Liberal Gay media feed to young LGBTQ+ minds to scare them into voting Democrats, and shaking them down for money, by using expanded exaggerated “facts” to get them to fear Republicans.

Bottom-line NO ONE deserves to beat up, or discriminated against because they are different.

Gays For Trump means GAYS which old school means EVERYONE under the rainbow..

I personally believe all these extra letters (BUT NOT THE PEOPLE) water down our community but we are all different and I know everyone wants to let others know they are different.
At some point we really need to understand we are ALL a community and that does include Republican Gays as well or as I like to call them The Gay Right.

#GaysForTrump can Support #TransRightsAreHumanRights because “Gays” mean the whole Rainbow community.
Although some of us don’t understand all the letters & maybe never will.
Discrimination & Protection of us ALL is Important. But we Will WORK w/Trump for This!

We are #GaysForTrump & ALLIES so yes that includes heterosexuals
“Gays” is a blanket term for ALL #LGBTQ+
Technically Transsexuals are still GAY
They Deserve our support.
There are MANY Trump Supporting Transsexuals out there

MAIN goal is to help people #WalkAway from Hate we should NOT be giving out Hate.

Sadly or Quite the Opposite We on the Right have Different Ideas and a LOT of the times we conflict.
Honestly that’s what makes us a better party because we are not all a bunch of sheep like the Left.


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